CES Unveils the CIO5-2040: A Dual Processor Intel Core i7 6U OpenVPX™ SBC


AUSA’s Annual Meeting, Washington, United States, October 2016

Aimed at serving High Performance Embedded Computing applications such as radars, COMINT, SIGINT or ELINT, the CIO5-2040 is built using a mirrored architecture implementing two Intel Core i7 Gen5 processors. The processors are fed with data through four 10Gb Ethernet links and three PCIe Gen3 x8 links routed in the backplane.

a1When it comes to HPEC, thermal management and heat dissipation are key factors to enabling the system to provide its full performance even when running at the highest temperature. To that intent, CES has designed a highly innovative composite frame, tightly coupled with the CIO5-2040, providing the thermal dissipation of copper while weighing as little as aluminum. As a result, the full performance of the board is available even at 85°C and the board together with the frame weigh 30% less than its copper-framed counterparts.

Thanks to a built-in PCIe switch with three Gen3 x8 links, multiple CIO5-2040 can be connected together to form a computing network. When packed in a single system, this powerful network of boards can be leveraged by the application to dynamically distribute the payload generated by the sensors, on-demand, across the processors.

“With the CIOV-2231 having been the grand opening of our 2016 Intel product line, we are proud to announce the CIO5-2040 which is a cutting-edge rugged implementation of the Core i7 Gen5 Intel’s technology for the embedded world” says Bruno Privat VP Sales and Marketing of CES.


Contact Information

CES - Creative Electronic Systems SA

38 avenue Eugene-Lance
1212 Grand-Lancy

tele: +41.22.884.51.00
fax: +41.22.794.47.30

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