Reflex Photonics demonstrates its LightABLE transceivers can drive older 100 µm fiber optic cables, extending aircraft life and reducing upgrade cost.

Reflex Photonics is proud to announce its LightABLE™ embedded optical module has demonstrated that it can directly drive 100 µm fiber optic cables commonly found in older aircraft, eliminating the need to re-cable the aircraft to achieve higher interconnect bandwidth.

New or upgraded sensors and computer systems offer great benefits to existing military and commercial aircraft but often necessitate interconnect bandwidth of 10 Gbps or more. Unfortunately, replacing older 100 µm optical fibers in aircraft to support this higher bandwidth can be prohibitively expensive. Reflex Photonics solved this problem by demonstrating its LightABLE optical transceiver delivers error-free operation at 10 Gbps with older 100 µm fiber thus, alleviating the need to replace the installed optical cables.
In addition, the LightABLE transceiver will operate with newer 50 µm fiber (OM3, OM4, or OM5) to deliver interconnect bandwidth well beyond 25 Gbps on distances up to 100 m.

Reflex Photonics develops and produces rugged high-speed optical transceivers for Military, Industrial, and Commercial communications. LightABLE is a chip size embedded optical transceiver capable of transmitting or receiving 150 Gbps over 12 parallel lanes in harsh environments where temperatures extremes of -57oC to 125oC is common. A unique feature of the LightABLE is its compatibility with low-cost mass production solder reflow processes. Optical modules in general will not survive solder reflow temperatures of 220oC and must be either socketed or hand soldered. LightABLE reflow ability gives low assembly cost, strong attachment, low profile, and excellent signal integrity.

Gerald Persaud, Vice President of Business Development commented: “We are excited to demonstrate the flexibility of our LightABLE optical module by offering a simple but effective way to upgrade aircraft interconnect bandwidth with no change to the installed fiber plant. This is another example of LightABLE exceeding performance expectations.”

About Reflex Photonics

Founded in 2002, Reflex Photonics is an advanced developer of rugged high-speed optical transceiver modules and parallel embedded optics products for aerospace, defense, avionics, telecom, and data centers.
The company addresses the growing market demand for high-speed interconnects in high performance embedded computers. Our products enable equipment developers to design smaller, lower cost, and lower powered systems resulting in higher fidelity and faster connectivity.

Contact Information

Reflex Photonics

16771, Chemin Ste-Marie
Kirkland, QC, , H9H 5H3

tele: 514.842.5179

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