eSOL Listed Among “Representative Vendors” in Gartner Market Guide for Embedded Operating Systems

eSOL, a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions, today
announced that it was named as Representative Vendors in the Market Guide for Embedded Operating Systems1
published by Gartner, Inc., a major international IT market research company. In the products and services from embedded
operating system (OS) providers covered by the market guide, eSOL was named as a supplier of products and services
that included middleware (such as file systems and communications), development tools, and professional services as well
as real-time operating systems (RTOSs).

Gartner described embedded OSs as key enablers for enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders designing
an IoT-enabled product, allowing new features while staying within constrained design parameters.
eSOL’s flagship eMCOS is a scalable RTOS, being the first such product to provide support that extends from single-core
to many-core CPUs. The use of a distributed microkernel architecture unlike that of previous RTOSs enables eMCOS to
provide scalability both in the number of cores supported, from single-core all the way up to many-core processors with
hundreds of cores, and in terms of functionality, from microcontroller systems based on OSEK and AUTOSAR to high-end
POSIX and process-model-based systems. The RTOS is also ideal for the heterogenous computing required for IoT
applications that involve a combination of different processor types, such as heterogenous and homogenous multi-core
and many-core processors, microcontrollers, GPUs, and FPGAs. eMCOS also has a proprietary semi-priority-based
scheduling algorithm (Japanese patent numbers 5734941 and 5945617). Along with high performance and scalability,
these technologies also ensure the real-time performance that is essential in mission-critical embedded systems.

eSOL offers a choice of RTOSs, supplying both eMCOS and the widely used eT-Kernel RTOS that features support for
functional safety. It also supplies software platforms that combine these core RTOS products with development tools,
middleware (including communications, file systems, and USB), and professional services. These products are used in a
wide range of intelligent devices for the IoT era, appearing in industrial and medical systems as well as in automotive
equipment, including automated driving and advanced driver assistance systems.

“Along with our growing international customer base in the automotive and other industries, and our involvement in
international standardization work in areas such as AUTOSAR and multi-core and many-core technologies, I believe that
the world-class features of our embedded operating system technologies are gradually coming to be recognized.
Drawing on our base of dependable RTOS technology for embedded systems built up over more than 40 years, eSOL
intends to continue contributing to the progress of a society that utilizes the IoT through ongoing investment in
leading-edge research and development based on an understanding to the needs of this IoT era,” said Masaki Gondo,
CTO and General Manager of Technology Headquarters at eSOL.

Contact Information

eSOL Co., Ltd.

1-32-2 Honcho
Harmony Tower
Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-8721

tele: +81 3.5302.1360
fax: +81 3.5302.1361

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