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ATCA – A Modular Open Systems Approach for Defense

ATCA technology is an open, standards-based bladed system architecture defined by PICMG® in 2002 with high availability (99.999%) as a core tenet. It has as a long life cycle planned to the next decade and beyond.

AdvancedTCA® or ATCA® technology has proven itself to be one of the most successful open, bladed architectures for high-performance, ultra-reliable network computing. Its compact, light and power-efficient design with moderate ruggedness now makes it the ideal choice for military, aerospace and security equipment makers.

ATCA technology embodies the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) into system platforms by optimizing joint combat system performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) over the entire program life cycle. Its rich multi-vendor ecosystem ensures that the architecture is extensible and enables key technology refreshes into production programs over time, without the need for a full system upgrade. One of the specific benefits of ATCA technology is that it also enables forward and backwards systems compatibility via the use of standard system interfaces.

Artesyn offers an ATCA product portfolio that includes server blades, DSP blades, Ethernet fabric blades and fully integrated systems. We are committed to longevity and new technology insertions to span the next decade and beyond. Our products are deployed in defense applications worldwide in a variety of applications.

Tests by a prime contractor demonstrated that Artesyn’s ATCA equipment is able to survive afloat shock testing (commonly called “barge testing”), showing its suitability for deployment as shipboard systems. MIL-S-901D Heavyweight Shock Test Photographs courtesy of National Technical Systems in Rustburg, VA.


  • Rich ecosystem of blades and systems with a strong history of deployment in defense applications
  • Regular technology refreshes to enhance and extend applications
  • Commitment to a long life cycle
  • Support for real-time Linux



Shipboard communications and data center consolidation; Naval tactical combat systems refresh; Airborne reconnaissance; Theater command centers; Mobile Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs); Ground and airborne battle management systems; Net-centric converged solutions for voice, video, and data; C4ISR


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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

2900 South Diablo Way.
Suite 190
Tempe, AZ, 85282

tele: +1 888 412 7832
toll-free: +1 602 438 5720

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