Embedded System Components

Compatible Operating Systems: uC/OS-II and other equivalent RTOSes

Compatible MIPS Architectures: MIPS 32

Micrium offers the highest-quality embedded software components in industry, in the form of engineer-friendly source code with unsurpassed documentation and customer support. Products include: RTOS, TCP/IP stack, file system, graphical user interface, USB stack, Modbus stack, and μC/Probe, which monitors embedded systems in a live environment.

  • The μC/OS-II RTOS is a highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive real-time, multitasking kernel.
  • μC/TCP-IP is a compact, reliable, high performance TCP/IP protocol stack. Built from the ground up with Micrium’s renowned quality, scalability and reliability, μC/TCP-IP enables the rapid configuration of required network options to minimize time to market.
  • μC/Probe is a universal embedded systems monitoring tool that provides system feedback without the need to stop the application. μC/Probe saves considerable development time by visually allowing users to see the internals of a running embedded application and to change settings and configuration values in the target.
  • μC/FS is a FAT or FAT-free file system for embedded applications. • μC/USB supports USB host and device 1.1, 2.0 and On-The-Go to deliver a complete USB solution to the embedded industry.
  • μC/GUI is a universal graphical software for embedded applications providing an efficient processor and LCD-controller independent graphical user interface to any application using a graphical LCD.


  • μC/OS-II is certified for safety critical systems, including avionics RTCA DO-178B and EUROCAE ED- 12B, medical FDA 510(k), and the IEC 61508 standard for transportation and nuclear systems.
  • All products are designed specifically for the demanding requirements of embedded systems and are written in ANSI C enabling its usage with a wide array of best-of-class cross-development tools.
  • Products are licensed on a per-end-product basis and allow the purchaser to sell any number of units of the licensed product.


  • μC/OS-II can manage up to 255 tasks and provides: Semaphores; Event Flags; Mutual Exclusion Semaphores; Message Mailboxes and Queues; Task, Time, Timer and Fixed Sized Memory Block Management.
  • μC/TCP-IP is a clean-room design and not derived from publicly available Unix stacks, yet is compatible with the Berkeley 4.4 socket layer interface. μC/TCPIP can be used on 16, 32 and 64-bit CPUs.
  • μC/FS drivers include multiple volumes, directories, bad block management, ECC algorithms, wear-leveling and are failsafe. Supports NOR, NAND, and compact Flash, Secure Digital, and RAM Disk Drivers.




Audio, Automotive, Broadband Solutions, Digital Cameras, DTV and STB (set-top-boxes), DVD, Home Entertainment, Imaging/Video, Mobile Electronics/Wireless, Networking, Office Automation, Smart Card & Security, Storage, VOIP

Contact Information


949 Crestview Circle
Weston, FL, 33327

tele: 954.217.2036
fax: 954.217.2037

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