Mentor Graphics – Veloce Emulation Platform

Questa Codelink

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux

Compatible MIPS Architectures: MIPS 32, MIPS 64 Other: 4KE, M4K, 24K, 74K

Questa® Codelink™ delivers source-level debug for code executing on RTL processor models. Connecting to existing RTL models in read-only mode, Codelink has no impact on simulation results. Patent-pending technology transforms general purpose register info into a rich source-code debug environment. Isolate the cause of processor-driven test failures in a fraction of the time it takes using text files and waveforms. Codelink logs register state info during a run so you can debug post-simulation. There’s no need to rerun time-consuming batch runs in order to isolate the cause of failure.

Codelink monitors the register changes of RTL processor models and creates a rich software debug environment. Set break points; step through code; view variables, registers, memory, and the call stack. Codelink is fully synchronized with logic simulation and tracks the position in the source window as you drag the waveform cursor around. It even has the ability to un-execute code so you can step backward through C or assembly, a critical feature for pinpointing the cause of a failure. And, for multi-core designs, Codelink simultaneously monitors multiple processors.


  • Interactive post-simulation debug logs processor registers during simulation and synthesizes complete dataset for interactive post-simulation debug
  • Ability to un-execute code so user may step backward or forward through source or assembly, a critical feature for pinpointing the cause of a failure. Stepping through a suspect segment quickly pinpoints the errant statement
  • For multi-core designs, Codelink simultaneously monitors multiple processors. Any mix of supported processors can be logged during a single simulation
  • Isolate processor-driven test failures in minutes; replay overnight simulations in seconds
  • Dramatically reduce debug time for processordriven tests


  • Questa Codelink operates on Linux PCs and workstations. Any system with enough performance and memory to support the logic simulation of your design will be sufficient for Codelink. Codelink supports Model- Sim or Questa logic simulators.


Currently available.


Audio, Automotive, Broadband Solutions, Digital Cameras, DTV and STB (set-top-boxes), DVD, Home Entertainment, Imaging/Video, Mobile Electronics/Wireless, Networking, Office Automation, Smart Card & Security, Storage, VOIP

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Mentor Graphics – Veloce Emulation Platform

8005 SW Boeckman Rd.
Wilsonville, OR, 97070

tele: 1-503-685-8000
toll-free: 1-800-547-3000

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