Microchip TCP/IP Stack with BSD Socket API

The content on this page is a condensed version of Microchip Technology’s Application Note AN1108, which can be downloaded for free at www.microchip.com/pic32. Visitors will also find information on other application notes, development systems, datasheets, technical training, samples and much more.

The Microchip TCP/IP Stack with BSD (Berkeley Socket Distribution) Socket API provides the socket library for Internet TCP/IP communications. The generic socket programming interface was originally developed by the University of California at Berkeley. Many popular operating systems such as Microsoft® Windows® , UNIX®, Linux®, eCOS™ and many commercial TCP/IP stacks support the BSD socket API. With a common programming interface, applications can now be ported easily across completely different platforms. For example, network applications written for a PC environment can also be complied in an embedded environment, provided the embedded platform supplies the BSD library API.

This application note describes the Microchip TCP/IP stack with BSD socket API using the 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers. It is intended to serve as a programmer’s reference guide. Topics discussed in this application note include: creating client/ server applications in an embedded environment, TCP/IP stack components and design, building the stack, and socket functions included in the API.

The TCP/IP Stack with BSD socket API incorporates these main functions:

  • Concurrent server support
  • Application can be a server or a client, or both
  • Optimized for embedded applications
  • Full duplex communication
  • Stream and datagram socket support
  • IP address resolution done in background
  • Can be used with or without a kernel/RTOS

The Microchip TCP/IP stack with BSD socket is developed on the Microchip Explorer 16 platform. The network chip is a Microchip ENC28J60, a 10 Mbps integrated MAC/PHY Ethernet controller. The stack can easily be ported to other PIC microcontrollers.

The application note includes various demo applications to provide example client and server applications that use stream socket. A datagram-socket example application is also included in the demo. The demo applications included here are built using the MPLAB C32 C compiler.

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