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Navigating Thermal Challenges for High-End ATCA Server Blades
GHz Timing Giving You the Jitters? Three Things You Need to Know
"Safety Documentation Package" Boosts Updated Functional Safety in ARM Systems
Security is a Driving Force for Connected Vehicles

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  • Rapid Architectural Exploration in Designing Application-Specific Processors

    Application-specific processors deliver high performance and energy efficiency with flexibility to address late specification changes and post-silicon modifications. Learn how Synopsys’

  • DDS: the Right Middleware for the Industrial Internet of Things?

    Introducing a networking protocol DDS. Serving as the connectivity platform for real-world Industrial Internet of Things applications in medicine, transportation, energy, SCADA and

  • On-chip Networks Optimize Shared Memory for Multicore SoCs

    Performance of multicore SoCs is often dominated by external DRAM access, particularly in digital consumer devices running high quality video and graphics applications. Increasing core counts and newer DRAMs make the problems much more difficult. This article covers optimization of the on-chip network and memory system to achieve the required system throughput.

  • Consolidating Systems for Reduced Cost & Complexity in the Factory

    Using virtualization to host multiple discrete workloads on a single computing device is an important trend in manufacturing today, leading to reduced cost and complexity in the factory environment. This white paper describes the benefits of system consolidation along with the technical requirements for implementation. Read now to learn more.

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  • Advantech MIC-5342 Telecom Blade

    Compatible Operating Systems: Red Hat, CentOS, Wind River, 6WINDGate Specification Compliance: PICMG ATCA The MIC-5342 is based on the Intel® platform formerly codenamed "River

  • Universal Debug Engine (UDE)

    Supported Architectures: 16-bit, 32-bit, ARM, OMAP, Power Architecture™ (including PowerPC), Other Compatible Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows® Control of a multicore system

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