Viking Technology Ships 50TB Solid State Drive

Viking Technology, a division of Sanmina Corp. unveiled its Silo Solid State Drive, a SSD that delivers holds 50TB. The Silo SSD, part of the Ultra High-Capacity (UHC) family of Viking products, enables significant data center space and power reduction compared to HDDs, while offering the same 3.5″ form factor and standard SAS interface, easing the migration to flash.

Viking Technology’s UHC-Silo SSD series, powered by a flash processor, balances performance, capacity, cost, and energy efficiency, making it ideal for applications such as cloud computing, big data, external storage systems, digital imaging and media, technical applications and cold storage. At 25TB and 50TB capacities, the UHC-Silo SSD products are the highest capacity solid state drives shipping today.

Purpose built for energy efficiency, the UHC-Silo SSD offers idle power consumption under 10 watts and active power usage of only 16W, greatly increasing overall storage capacity per rack while decreasing power per terabyte. Datacenters looking to transition to a plug-and-play UHC-Silo SSD can realize cost savings in power, space, and cooling of up to 80% per terabyte.

“Some system administrators are looking for a way to extend the useful life of existing hardware, since it may function perfectly but support too little overall capacity,” said Jim Handy of research firm Objective Analysis. “With ultra-high-capacity SSDs, not only can they reach beyond the capacity limits of enterprise HDDs, they can also cut power and improve performance without having to replace the entire system, by implementing a simple media change.”