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CG19-GPU Media Acceleration Sled

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux
Specification Compliance: CG-OpenRack-19

The CG19-GPU media acceleration sled from Artesyn Embedded Technologies is compatible with the OCP-Accepted architecture, CG-OpenRack-19, offering acceleration for video or deep learning applications.

The sled is half-width by two rack units (RU) high and features a dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2630L v4 server with up to four NVIDIA GPU cards. In-rack network connectivity is provided via blind-mate optical connections to the pre-wired rack network. The sled blind-mate connector simplifies the insertion and extraction of the sled into the cabinet without the need for connection/removal of sled-associated cables.

In-sled SSD storage is provided. Front panel LEDs allow for clear indication of sled status.


  • Half-width 2U CG-OpenRack-19 sled
  • Intel® Xeon® server with 4 NVIDIA PCIe GPU cards
  • Blind-mate optical network interfaces

Deep learning or video- and graphics-intensive applications such as video transcode or augmented reality.

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