Artesyn Embedded Technologies

MaxCore™Acceleration Platform

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Windows using VM
Specification Compliance: PCI Express

The MaxCore™ platform offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density, allowing for peak CapEx and OpEx efficiency. Utilizing Artesyn or third-party, off-the-shelf PCI Express cards, the MaxCore platform provides maximum flexibility, maximum density per rack unit (RU), and unmatched innovation in design for data center, carrier grade, and industrial applications. The unique architecture simplifies and accelerates deployment and can be configured with several independent server domains in the same shelf or can share individual PCI Express cards between many CPUs.

The MaxCore™ family of platforms also include the MaxCore HA for high availability wireless applications; MaxCore Hyperscale for rack scale architectures; MaxCore IPC for industrial applications; and the MaxCore Micro, a low cost, versatile 2-slot configurable platform.


  • Highest performance density in 3U chassis with 15 PCIE slots
  • Cloud-in-a-box architecture with up to 360 X86 cores in 3U
  • Configurable in any mix of Artesyn microservers, media processors and 3rd party PCI Express cards
  • PCI Express and Ethernet networking infrastructures
  • Redundant and hot-swappable cooling and power for up to 150W per slot

Data center, carrier grade, telecom, broadcast, networking, cloud, industrial, mil/aero applications, industrial applications.

Contact Information

Artesyn Embedded Technologies

2900 South Diablo Way.
Suite 190
Tempe, AZ, 85282

tele: +1 888 412 7832
toll-free: +1 602 438 5720

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