Intelligraphics Announces The IGX Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector For 802.11AC

Austin TX November 1, 2017 Intelligraphics Inc., the industry leader in intelligent fast-roaming solutions and wireless security, today announced the release of the most advanced IGX Bloodhound Wi-Fi Sniffer/Injector , now with support for 802.11AC chipsets. The latest IGX Bloodhound Sniffer/Injector provides the highest performance, most in depth data capture and injection capability that todays’ Wi-Fi installations require by enabling precise control of their wireless network adding provisions for debugging, continuous monitoring and enhanced injection capabilities.

Intelligraphics’ current solution is based on newest 802.11ac technology delivers a three-fold increase in performance by doubling channel bandwidth to 80 MHz, while ensuring backward compatibility and coexistence with legacy IEEE 802.11 devices in the 5-GHz band. The Advanced Bloodhound was designed for an X-86 platform using Linux Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS connected by a USB 3.0 interface and features a single Wi-Fi driver that can either act as a Wi-Fi sniffer/injector, or as a regular Wi-Fi driver.

This 802.11 ac based sniffer/injector allows law enforcement agencies to target and proactively surveil Wi-Fi communications in real-time so they can make informed decisions, both remotely and at the mission location. Agencies can more effectively identify and evaluate threats, prevent network casualties, and protect critical infrastructure.  The addition of flow analysis can be combined with data analytics to enhance the ability of retailers, mall operators, entertainment, public transportation, and healthcare facilities to better understand how people enter, interact, move through physical spaces as well as improve their security.

Sniffer Supported Features 

  • Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • All standard Wi-Fi channels in both bands
  • An added IGX Sniffer API library to configure and control sniffer operations
  • PCAP support for offline analysis
  • Live capture of packets on monitor interface using Wireshark
  • Radio tap provides per-packet information on captured frames
  • 20MHz, 40MHz and 80MHz channel bandwidth (11ac)
  • Packet Filtering for reducing host-target load
  • Packet Filtering at type level (Management, Data and Control Packets)
  • Packet Filtering based on MAC Address (Source MAC, Destination MAC and BSSID)
  • Menu driven test application

Injector Supported Features 

  • Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • All standard Wi-Fi channels in both bands
  • IGX Injector API library to configure and control injector operations
  • Injection in Sniffer mode to switch back and hear the response of injected packet.
  • No retry configuration for injected frames
  • No wait for acknowledgement configuration for injected frames
  • All types of management, data and control frames as per 802.11
  • Menu-driven test application to demonstrate capabilities
  • Zero back off injection
  • Support for configuring radio parameters (Tx Rate, TX Power, Duration ID)
  • Per-packet control: frame type/subtype, length of the frame, all MAC addresses in the 802.11 frame header, custom payload

“Our customized software can be found in Wi-Fi security solutions used by law enforcement and other agencies, ruggedized equipment for mission-critical operations, and asset protection used by industrial, medical, and logistics operations. By leveraging the power of IGX sniffer and injector technologies, customers can potentially save lives, reduce threats to network infrastructure, and improve security,” said Scott Lawson, President of Intelligraphics.

About Intelligraphics, Inc.
Intelligraphics, an industry leader in advanced wireless and intelligent roaming solutions, helps enterprises realize the most value from their mobility-enabled infrastructure. A member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a Texas Instruments 3rd Party Development Partner, and a charter member of the Qualcomm Authorized Design Center (ADC) program, Intelligraphics delivers a diverse portfolio of fast roaming solutions that include optimized wireless drivers and integrated chipset modules.

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tele: 469-951-8911
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