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Small Form Factors"One Size Does NOT Fit All
PC/104: What's Old Is New Again
Mobile and IoT Drive Embedded Small Form Factor Evolution
From 3-D transistors to 2.5D or 3D systems

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  • conga-TS87

    4th Generation Intel® Core™ processor-based platform 3x DisplayPort 1.2, up to 4k resolution Intel® AVX 2.0 Vector extension for improved floating point computing Up to 13%

  • Apalis - A New Computer on Module Standard

    The complexity of today’s embedded systems create many challenges for engineers and project managers. Computer-On-Modules (COMs) encapsulate the ever increasing complexity of modern

  • Embedded Single Board Computers

    Advantech Embedded Single Board Computers provide a readily-available solution to fasten system development. Compliant with various standard form factors, Embedded Single Board Computers

  • Small Form Factors—One Size Does NOT Fit All

    Aerospace and transportation applications are particularly affected by operating environments that are at the upper limits of most SFF standards, but even low-volume designs can benefit

  • PC/104: What’s Old Is New Again

    Despite all the breathless excitement of the “new” Internet of Things, the PC/104 Consortium has spent its 22 years of existence helping to get the industry to this point: bringing

  • Mobile and IoT Drive Embedded Small Form Factor Evolution

    Industry experts weigh in on the implications of new SoCs from Intel and ARM, high-speed interconnects, and the Internet of Things—all in the context of small form factor embedded boards.

  • Modules Take Portable Medical Equipment Design to the Next Level

    X86-based computer-on-modules (COMs) bring enhanced portability to medical devices and provide the ability to customize features that meet developers’ size, performance, I/O and power

  • Overcome Common COMs Design Pitfalls

    When designing with high-performance, low-power computer-on-modules (COMs), subtle and not-so-subtle characteristics impact common performance needs such as implementing digital displays,

  • High-Speed I/O in Small Form Factor Designs

    Increasing transfer speeds of modern I/O such as PCI Express, USB and SATA—as well as high-resolution displays—pose design challenges on small form factor (SFF) designs. Modern

  • The Internet of Things Defines the Future RTOS

    The RTOS of the future will give embedded systems manufacturers a competitive edge in the IoT by helping them bring industry-leading devices to market faster while reducing risks and development and maintenance costs.

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