TS-8100: Floating Point Performance and ECC RAM Reliability

The TS-8100 is a RoHS compliant Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the AMCC 440EP superscalar (dual execution unit) 400MHz PPC architecture with a dual precision floating-point unit (FPU). The TS-8100 includes high-end on-board peripherals such as dual 10/100 ethernet, host and slave USB 1.1, micro and full-size SDHC sockets. The TS-8100 also features 512MB of high-speed NAND flash and 128MB of ECC DDR-SDRAM for applications requiring high processing reliability.


  • 400MHz Dual-Execution PowerPC
  • Double-Precision FPU
  • 128MB RAM with ECC
  • 512MB NAND Flash
  • 12K LUT customizable FPGA
  • Multifunctional PC/104 connector
  • 1 USB Host, 1 USB Device (12Mb/s)
  • 2 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2 SDHC sockets (micro and full size)
  • 4 COM ports, optional RS485/422, DMX
  • extra DIO and SPI interface
  • 5 10-bit ADC
  • Optional PoE and RTC
  • Regulated 5-28V power input
  • Fanless < 4W, sleep mode <1mW
  • Boots Linux 2.6 in <2 seconds


The TS-8100 features a 12,000 LUT on-board programmable Lattice FPGA. All the PC/104 pins are connected straight to the FPGA, giving the TS-8100 the flexibility to add external hardware and physical/transceiver layers. The default TS-8100 FPGA load provides a standard PC/104 bus on the 104-pin connectors, maintaining compatibility with a wide range of PC/104 peripheral boards. The FPGA on the TS-8100 enables simple, inexpensive customization that requires no physical hardware modifications. Should you need a special configuration or a custom load, contact Technologic Systems for FPGA development services.


The TS-8100 is a fan-less, low-power, rugged single board computer. The ultra-fast boot up to Linux can be used in combination with the 200 uA sleep mode (provided by the on-board AVR) as an efficient solution for embedded applications which have to periodically wake-up to perform a given task and go back to sleep right after. The fast boot time and low power sleep mode combine to provide quick feedback while using very low power.


The TS-8100 uses a 2.6 Linux Kernel (currently version is 2.6.29) that allows boot up from NAND Flash or SD card in less two seconds and provides driver support for all on-board hardware. In addition, the 512 MB on-board Flash enables a full Debian distribution (currently Lenny version) to be installed with a complete embedded development environment. This default configuration is an embedded real-time system that can run a wide range of server services, desktop-like applications and development tools. The TS-8100 also features the <2 seconds Linux Fast-Boot and the Bootloader Un-brickable Design.


The TS-8100 starts shipping in December 2009 priced at $269 for qty 1 and $229 for qty 100. The TS-8100 development kit is priced at $135 and includes a TS-9445 console board, 2GB development SD Card, power-supply, cables and extras. For further information regarding product specifications, visit Technologic Systems website at www.embeddedARM.com or call at 480-837-5200 (Arizona time).


Technologic Systems is an Embedded Systems company with headquarters in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We have been in business for over 20 years. Our product base consists of a wide variety of off-the-shelf PC/104 single board computers and peripherals, and offer custom configurations and design services. In addition, we specialize in the ARM architecture, FPGA IP-core design and open-source software support based on Linux, providing advanced custom solutions using hardware-software co-design strategies.

Contact Information

Technologic Systems

16525 E Laser Dr
Fountain Hills, AZ,

tele: 480.837.5200
fax: 480.837.5300


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