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  • Addressing IP Integration & Software Development Challenges to Accelerate SoC Time-to-Market

    This white paper explores the issues facing SoC designers as they address SoC complexity and time-to-market challenges. High-quality IP alone is not enough with today’s SoC complexity.

  • Overcoming Advanced Signaling Integrity Issues in High-Speed Systems

    As signaling rates continue to increase, maintaining signal integrity has become a much greater challenge for developers. Migrating a system to a next-generation interface operating at 5, 8, 10, or 12 Gbps brings with it increased sensitivity to attenuation and jitter that can severely curtail reach and reliability.

  • Increasing Precision in Diagnostic Equipment

    Precision is at the heart of every diagnostic device. The precision of a system is the degree to which the system will consistently provide the same result given the same operating conditions. Precision is crucial – whether a system is a complex magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sensor, an embedded tire pressure sensor, or a low-cost blood glucose meter – because it serves as the foundation for both accuracy and reliability. For example, if a meter’s readings between two equivalent samples vary significantly, it will be difficult for the system to determine an appropriate response.

  • New! Free Download: Updated Pentek SDR Handbook

    Before we look at SDR and its various implementations in embedded systems, we’ll review a theorem fundamental to sampled data systems such as those encountered in Software-Defined Radios.

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