LeCroy Introduces New Multi-lead Probe for PCI Express® 3.0

Supports 8 GT/s Data Rates at Lane Widths up to x16 lanes

Santa Clara, Jan 30, 2012LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, today announced a new multi-lead probe for the Summit™ T3-16 and Summit T3-8 Protocol Analyzers, supporting the PCI Express 3.0 specification (which includes data rates up to 8 GT/s). The LeCroy PCI Express protocol analyzer product line has the largest selection of PCI Express backplane and connector probing technologies in the industry. Adding the multi-lead probes to this extensive collection provides an essential accessory for debugging hard-to-accessPCI Express systems and buses.

Multi-lead probes are used by system developers to probe point-to-point bus signals (e.g., for serial data buses that run between chips on a single circuit board), or for probing serial buses when there is no supported interposer card. The probe is expandable to support from x1 to x16 PCI Express lanes when using a Summit protocol analyzer. Probe tips are flexible for tapping signals in narrow areas on circuit boards. The probe head uses LeCroy’s new Gen3 tapping technology which increases signal integrity and offers precision signal tapping for 8GT/s.

“LeCroy is now in its third generation of multi-lead probe solutions for PCI Express,” said John Wiedemeier, Product Marketing Manager, Interconnect Communications Group, LeCroy. “Many exciting high speed I/O embedded applications will be utilizing PCI Express 3.0 technology. Developers have learned to rely on LeCroy’s robust probing design and high signal integrity for data analysis and measurement. The multi-lead probe for PCI Express 3.0 will extend the probing reach of developers, bringing powerful analysis tools to solve their system issues and keep them on track with their project schedules.“

LeCroy protocol analyzers have been at the forefront of PCI Express development tools. All LeCroy protocol analyzers feature a hierarchical display, real-time statistics, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, powerful scripting, and the ability to create user-defined test reports, which in combination provide a powerful analysis system to allow developers to troubleshoot intricate problems and to finish their projects on time.


The PCI Express 3.0 multi-lead probe is now available to order. For additional information, contact LeCroy at 1-800-5LeCroy (1-800-553-2769) or visit LeCroy’s web site at www.lecroy.com

About LeCroy

LeCroy Corporation is a worldwide leader in serial data test solutions, creating advanced instruments that drive product innovation by quickly measuring, analyzing, and verifying complex electronic signals. The Company offers high-performance oscilloscopes, serial data analyzers, and global communications protocol test solutions used by design engineers in the computer and semiconductor, data storage device, automotive and industrial, and military and aerospace markets. LeCroy’s 40-year heritage of technical innovation is the foundation for its recognized leadership in “WaveShape Analysis”—capturing, viewing, and measuring the high-speed signals that drive today’s information and communications technologies. LeCroy is headquartered in Chestnut Ridge, New York. Company information is available at www.lecroy.com.

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Teledyne LeCroy

700 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Chestnut Ridge, NY, 10977

toll-free: 800-909-7211

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