AMP’s Rugged mini ePCI Frame Grabber with Gateworks SBCs

Gateworks SBC / AMP AVC8000nano

Embedded systems are increasingly using video to monitor and communicate live conditions and allow control of autonomous systems and vehicles. A majority of SBCs offer a single video input but many specialized applications such as security monitoring require more. This can be achieved through AMP’s AVC8000nano Mini PCIe capture card inserted into one of the Mini PCIe slots on a Gateworks Ventana SBC.

The Gateworks Ventana card is a Single Board Computer that can be used with AMP’s AVC8000nano (mini PCIe video capture card). From Gatework’s webpage about the Ventana family of Single Board Computers: High Performance. Networking, IoT, Signage, Android & more. Video Support. Freescale i.MX6 processor.

 Gateworks has a driver built in to their gateworks_fslc_3.14_1.0.x_ga kernel branch that supports the AVC8000nano on the Ventana Family of Single Board Computers which allows for 8 video inputs.


The AVC8000nano can directly capture frames through DMA (meaning increased performance and decreased latency). Gateworks currently supports this capability in the gstreamer-imx plugin: imxv4l2videosrc, which is in the 1.8 and master branches in Yocto. This allows for capabilities to scale all 8 (dependent on the processor used) video frames individually, rotation, cropping etc.

AVC8000nano Features:

  • Up to 8 live NTSC/PAL video sources
  • Full D1 resolution, full frame rate
  • Ultra low latency
  • Standard mini PCIe form factor
  • Extended Temperature available (-40 to +85deg C)

Gatework’s Ventana SBC Features:

  • Freescale™ i.MX6 800MHz Dual Core ARM® Cortex&rade; -A9 SoC Processor
  • 512Mbyte DDR3-1066 SDRAM Memory
  • High-Power Gen 2.0 Mini-PCIe Socket with USB Support
  • HDMI 1.4 Output Port with Audio Support
  • Extended Temperature available (-40 to +85deg C)
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