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    January - 2018

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    • OpenVPX For High-Speed System Architectures

      The third release of the OpenVPX standard will allow system designers to build the latest high-speed systems using the next generation of SBCs, switches and backplanes. The third release

    • VITA Technologies Round Table

        Sky, sea, rail—VITA technologies call them all home, and indeed, our panelists would argue, also deserve a home anywhere that cost efficiency, performance, and longevity matter.     [caption

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    • Waste Not—Fully Utilize PCIe Resources with Device Lending

      Device lending provides a new tool for creating the right mix of components to maximize application performance, allowing more flexibility to seamlessly, effortlessly share resources before having to purchase additional resources. PCIe provides the ability to create complex systems from small to large. Device lending through PCIe adds the flexibility to maximize the use of these systems.

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