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    • Q&A with Al Yanes, PCI-SIG

      The first quarter of 2019 is on its way and so is the 1.0 version of PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 specification. Editor’s Note: The PCIe 5.0 Version 0.7 specification was released

    • USB Complete or USB Confusing?

      Is USB too universal? So far we don’t have fewer cables, just USB cables. And USB Type-C promises much. One of the first technical books that I read cover-to-cover was not The Art

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    • Waste Not—Fully Utilize PCIe Resources with Device Lending

      Device lending provides a new tool for creating the right mix of components to maximize application performance, allowing more flexibility to seamlessly, effortlessly share resources before having to purchase additional resources. PCIe provides the ability to create complex systems from small to large. Device lending through PCIe adds the flexibility to maximize the use of these systems.

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    • Big, Tough and Connected

      How advancements in Ethernet EMC are transforming industrial vehicles. The autonomous car has gained a lot of attention and holds promise for the future, but that is not the only

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