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  • IBM PowerPC 476FP Embedded Proccessor Core

    A high-performance processor core with coherency-enabled level 1 caches Highlights Superscalar, 5-issue, 32-bit RISC processor core Implements Power Instruction Set

  • POWER7 & Power PC Processor Cores

    IBM's Next Generation Server Processor POWER7 Core The new POWER7 Core has a total of 18 Execution units, including two fixed point pipelines bit aligned to the two

  • usb2Demon

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Red Hat 7.2 - 9, Fedora Core 2/3/4) Compatible Software: From Macraigor ... Full Eclipse / GNU toolsets with examples (free download),

  • TRACE32-PowerTools

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Vista, Linux, Workstations Supported PowerPC Architectures: PowerPC, PQ, PQ2, PQ3, PPC75x, MPC74XX, MPC5xxx, PWRFicient, QorIQ TRACE32

  • Universal Access Device 2 (UAD2 and UAD2+) for PowerPC

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows Supported PowerPC Architectures: PPC440, PPC460, MPC55xx, MPC56xx, SPC56x, e200 Core, MPC551x Dual Core Universal Access Device 2 (UAD2)

  • mpDemon

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux Supported Power Architectures® (including PowerPC): 4xx, 5xx, 603, 7xx, 8xx, 5554, 82xx, 85xx The mpDemon from Macraigor Sytems

  • CEE-J® Virtual Machines

    Compatible Operating Systems: eCos, Eclipse, Embedded Linux, Java-Embedded, Mentor Graphics/Nucleus, VxWorks/Wind River, Windows Embedded Supported PowerPC Architectures: 32-bit,

  • QorIQ™ P4 Communications Platform Series

    The QorIQ P4 communications platform series includes two code- and pin-compatible communications processors for embedded networking applications — the flagship P4080 eight-core processor

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