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  • NEWS: TOP10 #Supercomputer Slideshow Looks Cool and Reveals their Secrets

  • IBM and friends at 7nm: breakthrough or science project?

    IBM, GlobalFoundries, Samsung and SUNY deserve kudos for manufacturing the first 7nm chip but the NREs involved still look frightening....

  • OSI at OSCON 2015

    Once again the OSI and our Board of Directors will be at OSCON. Just like in years past, the OSI will again be strongly represented with presentations form our Board Directors, Affiliate Members and Individual Members, a booth in the Expo Hall and even a dedicated session on how to use OSI's resources to change the open...

  • EEVblog #759 – Mailbag

    A big mailbag episode, getting through lots of backlog. P.S. Yes I failed to twig to the cordless ESD strap. Will have to do a video debunking this! Forum HERE SPOILERS: NicaDrone EPM688 OpenGrab Electro Permanent Magnet For UAV/drone payload pickup Fused USB to UART adapter (FTDI-Free) A PCB designed in AutoCAD. Freescale...

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  • Advantech MIC-5342 Telecom Blade

    Compatible Operating Systems: Red Hat, CentOS, Wind River, 6WINDGate Specification Compliance: PICMG ATCA The MIC-5342 is based on the Intel® platform formerly codenamed "River

  • IBM PowerPC 476FP Embedded Proccessor Core

    A high-performance processor core with coherency-enabled level 1 caches Highlights Superscalar, 5-issue, 32-bit RISC processor core Implements Power Instruction Set

  • POWER7 & Power PC Processor Cores

    IBM's Next Generation Server Processor POWER7 Core The new POWER7 Core has a total of 18 Execution units, including two fixed point pipelines bit aligned to the two

  • CEE-J® Virtual Machines

    Compatible Operating Systems: eCos, Eclipse, Embedded Linux, Java-Embedded, Mentor Graphics/Nucleus, VxWorks/Wind River, Windows Embedded Supported PowerPC Architectures: 32-bit,

  • TRACE32-PowerTools

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Vista, Linux, Workstations Supported PowerPC Architectures: PowerPC, PQ, PQ2, PQ3, PPC75x, MPC74XX, MPC5xxx, PWRFicient, QorIQ TRACE32

  • usb2Demon

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Red Hat 7.2 - 9, Fedora Core 2/3/4) Compatible Software: From Macraigor ... Full Eclipse / GNU toolsets with examples (free download),

  • mpDemon

    Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux Supported Power Architectures® (including PowerPC): 4xx, 5xx, 603, 7xx, 8xx, 5554, 82xx, 85xx The mpDemon from Macraigor Sytems

  • QorIQ™ P4 Communications Platform Series

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