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  • EEVBlog #823 – Rigol DSG815 RF Signal Generator Teardown

    A look inside the Rigol DSG815 1.5GHz RF Signal Generator From Emona HiRes Photos:...

  • Blog Post: MicroSiP: Five years of the world’s smallest power solution

    Happy birthday to micro system-in-package ( MicroSiP TM )! TI announced this very innovative power-supply solution for exceptionally space-constrained applications (such as personal electronics devices) five years ago this month. The initial TPS82671 fully integrated step-down converter module opened the way for a whole...

  • Comment on Periodic Steady-State Analysis for DC-to-DC Converters

    Amir, Information about your circuit, your testbench, and the simulator options that you have tried is always useful to provide when asking for assistance with debugging. Here are some things that I look at and have useful in the past. 1) Plot the pulse width versus time to see if the circuit really is in steady state a....

  • Comment on Tips for Simulating a Transmit Mixer in SpectreRF

    Please post questions to the general RF community rather than commenting on a specific blog that is from the past. You will get help much more quickly -and- more people will likely see your question. For detailed information and training on the tool, I recommend contacting customer support at http://support.cadence.com...

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