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  • Three Reasons Your Design Needs I²C I/O Expanders

    The 2-wire I2C bus is an incredibly useful way to add all kinds of low-speed I/O besides I2C while simplifying designs and trace routing The venerable I2C 2-wire bus remains as popular

  • LTE and TETRA: Winner Take All?

    Will TETRA become obsolete as we see LTE gain foothold in mission critical networks? Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) was designed as a dedicated network to meet the needs of public

  • COTS Tech Companies Continue to Blur Rugged, Defense Systems

    Embedded tech used in civilian applications continues to affect rugged systems to the point that it’s hard to tell the old players from the upstart wannabes. That adds up to choice

  • Busy-ness As Usual At Embedded World

    There were flurries of snow and more than a flurry of activity at this year’s Embedded World, reports Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor. Companies working together and a drive to make

  • Is there space for 3U and 6U VPX?

    Will 6U VPX last as 3U choices emerge? The small form factor VPX module uses switch serial fabric interconnects for more bandwidth without draining routing resources. It also offers

  • Top Five Trends Affecting Defense Programs

    Despite legacy requirements and MIL-SPEC compliance, tomorrow’s programs all follow the civilian, commercial market. One wonders if all this buzz about the Internet of Things,

  • The Hybrid of PLC and RF Maximizes Reliability in Smart Grid Networks

    An unholy trio of impedance variations, attenuation on selective frequencies and noise interference is at war with PLC communication, but the Smart Grid is fighting back with an strategy that makes PLC the backbone superhero of the network with low-power RF as a trusty sidekick.<

  • GE Intelligent Platforms Sold to Veritas Capital

    GE-IP to be “spun out” to focus on rugged, COTS systems and positioned a notch or two removed from prime contractors.

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