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  • Home Efficient Home

    How an RF smart plug can sweeten home energy savings by letting energy consumers see power consumption in context With everything from refrigerators that help with grocery lists to

  • Emerging MEMS and Sensor Technologies

    Researchers continue to innovate with MEMS. But will low cost sensors demanded by IoT drive MEMS off of silicon substrates? What’s next? This article is adapted from the presentation

  • A Personal Assistant At Your Side

    Imec proximity technology can open doors for you, take you to the right floor, configure your room with preferred lighting and temperature, remember your fitness scheme and more.

  • The Digitization of Cooking

    Smart, connected, programmable cooking appliances are coming to market that deliver consumer value in the form of convenience, quality, and consistency by making use of digital content

  • Drone Registration and Remote ID

    Here’s why the establishment of a robust identity management solution for UAS can’t be left ‘up in the air.’ With the drone market expecting exponential growth over the next

  • Conventional DECT Technology Is an Option for the Smart Home

    A smart home used to mean one with contemporary décor and upmarket furnishings. Now, a smart home is a connected dwelling, based on convenience and energy saving. Smart homes

  • 5G is reshaping the RF technology landscape with enormous opportunities for RF power devices

    RF Power Market and Technologies 2017: GaN, GaAs and LDMOS Report – Yole Développement – July 2017 OUTLINES: The RF power market will boom... By year-end, the total RF

  • RFID Keeps Track of What’s on the Tracks

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used for logistics and planning in modern transport systems. Transmitting data from a chip embedded in a device or in a tag on an object

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