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  • Comment on How you measure your ripple can make you or break you

    Thanks for the article. We use RF-174 50 Ohms co-axial cable for power noise measurements. Because we can't afford Differential probes we went with this method. Our regulators are all High input to low voltage (high current) Buck converters (12 to 0.9/1.0/1.2 etc). Setup will be RF174 Co-axial cable will be directly...

  • Periodic Steady-State Analysis for DC-to-DC Converters

    In " Spectre RF by any other name ...", a non-RF application for Spectre RF's periodic steady-state analysis was introduced. An example of using periodic steady-state analysis [PSS] to simulate the dynamic performance: THD and SFDR, of a switched-current Digital-to-Analog Converter [DAC] was presented. In...

  • User Review of The Encounter Foundation Flow

    This is a guest post from John McGehee. John is an independent consultant in Silicon Valley, specializing in EDA application development and design. He blogs about these topics at voom.net . Prior to starting his consulting career, John was an AE at Avanti, Cadence Japan and Daisy Systems Japan. In an earlier series of...

  • Distortion Summary in New CDNLive YouTube Video and at IEEE IMS2014 Next Week!

    Hi Folks, Check out this great new video on YouTube: CDNLive SV 2014: PMC Improves Visibility and Performance with Spectre APS In this video from CDNLive Silicon Valley 2014, Jurgen Hissen, principal engineer, MSCAD, at PMC, discusses an aggressive RF design with distortion problems in the lab, and how a solution was developed...

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