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  • Sniffing Radio-Frequency Emissions to Secure the Internet of Things

    Monitoring the usual behavior of Internet-connected devices could make it possible to detect malicious activity.A startup called Bastille says it can help companies detect the hacking of devices connected to the so-called Internet of things, which is looming larger as a target for computer crimes....

  • Blog Post: If you don't scale, you fail: Connected microcontrollers

    Day 3 of sampling the ultra-low-power MSP430FR6972 FRAM microcontroller and we have another use-case to explain the value of the scalable FRAM MCU portfolio . Yesterday, we talked about the ability to use FRAM -based microcontrollers for data-logging and decision making as a part of a larger system, but there is still a...

  • #MATERIALS: "Carbon RF Transistors Extend Smartphone Battery"

    Eventually, smartphones and most the mobile devices will be made from carbon circuitry and carbon-fiber structural materials, unlike silicon and metal today. As a result they will be light as styrofoam, have weeks of battery life and be thin and flexible enough to fold or rollup before pocketing. Carbonics is getting the...

  • EEVblog #680 – Mailbag

    Mailbag Monday Flux Capacitor T-Shirts HERE How NOT to blow up your oscilloscope (Isolation & Grounding) How a Microwave Magnatron Works PCB Holder Magazine Memories Memory Stacks Isolated USB-RS232 Interface LGB Model Train Controller & Decoder Caterpillar Dump Truck Controller 2114 SRAM Memory Forum HERE...

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