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  • Blog Post: How to minimize common signal loss when you drive an ADC

    Filtering plays an essential part in nearly all communication systems, since removing noise and distortion increases channel capacity. Designing a filter to pass only the desired frequencies is fairly easy. However, in real physical filter implementations there is a loss of desired signal power through the filter. This...

  • Comment on Periodic Steady-State Analysis for DC-to-DC Converters

    Amir, Information about your circuit, your testbench, and the simulator options that you have tried is always useful to provide when asking for assistance with debugging. Here are some things that I look at and have useful in the past. 1) Plot the pulse width versus time to see if the circuit really is in steady state a....

  • Cadence Presenting Four Spectre RF MicroApp Papers at IMS2016, May 22-27

    Hello Spectre RF Users, Next week is my all time favorite technical conference - the International Microwave Symposium IMS2016 , May 22-27 in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center. If you're at the conference, please stop by the Cadence booth and say hello. I really enjoy meeting my customers "live and in person"...

  • User Review of The Encounter Foundation Flow

    This is a guest post from John McGehee. John is an independent consultant in Silicon Valley, specializing in EDA application development and design. He blogs about these topics at voom.net . Prior to starting his consulting career, John was an AE at Avanti, Cadence Japan and Daisy Systems Japan. In an earlier series of...

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