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  • Blog Post: What’s the fuss about noise in RF sampling converters?

    ** This is the 13th post in an Analog Wire RF sampling blog series . ** What is all the fuss about noise? Engineers are generally aware of noise in electrical circuits. Interestingly, each engineering discipline tends to characterize noise differently: Analog engineers typically characterize noise with a normalized noise...

  • Cadence Presenting Four Spectre RF MicroApp Papers at IMS2016, May 22-27

    Hello Spectre RF Users, Next week is my all time favorite technical conference - the International Microwave Symposium IMS2016 , May 22-27 in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center. If you're at the conference, please stop by the Cadence booth and say hello. I really enjoy meeting my customers "live and in person"...

  • Measuring Transistor fmax

    There were several questions about measuring transistor f max in comments posted to my previous Measuring Transistor f t and Simulating MOS Transistor f t blog posts. So in this posting we will look at simulating transistor s-parameters and device characteristics including f max , noise, and distortion. There are two parts...

  • EEVblog #892 – Siglent SSA3021X Spectrum Analyser Teardown

    A very detailed look inside the new Siglent SSA3021X 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyser. The entire RF section is broken down and analysed in depth with a block diagram overlay. Forum HERE Keysight AN150 App Note Datasheets: AM3352 mic5209 LMH6517 hmc307 HMC832 hmc976 hmc860 HMC284 hmc488 hmc716 VSWA2-63DR+ hmc703 hmc189a V600ME14-LF...

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