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  • Embedded Memories Destined for IoT Seek Security/Power Management Balance

    Low-power designs that also stand guard against passive, semi-invasive and invasive attacks are evolving to protect the IoT devices found in automotive, wearables, medical, industrial

  • Europe’s Take on the IoT

    With 30 billion connected devices expected within five years and spanning automotive, consumer, medical, industrial, smart energy, wearables and more, the Internet of Things (IoT) may

  • The IoT and RTOS Reinvention

    A heads up on some of the changes in a new modular operating system environment. Wind River is positioning VxWorks 7 as the reinvented “Internet of Things” RTOS. For targets,

  • RF and MEMS Technologies to Enable the IoT

    The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been seen as the next major market that will demand high volumes of integrated circuits (IC). The IoT can be loosely defined as a network of small,

  • 3D ASIP: “It’s Complicated”

    The presentations at this week’s 3D Architectures in Semiconductor Integration and Packaging conference could be summed up in a famous Facebook status: “It’s complicated.” They

  • Multicore Q&A with LDRA

    Not just for plants, cross-pollination applies to know-how, too, and there may be no better example than what’s taking place among the mil-aero, medical, industrial and other markets as they seek to take on the complexities of security and safety for multicore systems.

  • Security: The Ultimate Barrier to IoT Success

    Coming to a meeting of minds on security, independent portability and virtualization will pave the way for IoT success.

  • Connector Technologies for Data-Driven Military Environments

    Smaller form factors combined with an increasing amount of data flowing through military infrastructures has created the need for ruggedized, miniature connectors at home in high-speed, data-driven systems.

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