Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. Jolts MEMS Industry at CES Las Vegas, Introducing its New Line of MEMsiics® Microelectromechanical Device Interface and Driver ICs

Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. today introduces the industry’s lowest power, smallest form factor line of high voltage multiple channel MEMsiics(R) devices, enabling the driving and interface of emerging microelectromechanical machine products.

Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. has introduced its MEMsiics® line of microelectromechanical drivers and high voltage interface ICs (integrated circuits). MEMsiics® represent the state of the art in low power, high through-put, multi-channel MEMs interface ICs, boasting the tightest accuracies in the industry, coupled with the smallest footprint form factors, lowest channel to channel coupling capacitances and in many cases, integrated high voltage power rail generators. MEMsiics® save space, reduce component count, and save enough power to reduce heat sinking and cooling requirements.

MEMsiics® are targeted at emerging MEMs applications including telecom micro-mirror arrays, DNA/health/chemical measurement bioarrays & microarrays, microfluidic pumps, electrostatically actuated machines, gyroscopes, pressure monitors, accelerometers, liquid lens apertures, passive no power displays such as cholesteric displays, print head drivers, and MEMs switches.

“MEMsiics® represent the highest accuracy, lowest power, smallest footprint form factor MEMs drivers & interfaces on the market today. In many cases our customers have used MEMsiics® to reduce the size of their products and eliminate heat-sinks, components, and tuning algorithms. Linear is raising the bar in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability compared to the most state of the art drivers offered by companies such as Supertex, Dalsa, ST, and IXYS. Additionally, reductions in processor & FPGA resource requirements enabled by MEMsiics(R) allow our customers to reduce their system costs dramatically,” says Mike Ward, VP of Sales for Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc.

The MEMsiics® product line includes the LND056-48 96 channel, 180V, 0.03% accuracy SPI controlled array with on board boost converter and two voltages doublers to generate the power rails. The line also includes the LND056 16 channel 350V transconductor array which can achieve 0.01% output accuracy, the LND8924 160 channel, 60V, 8 input SPI controlled driver, the LNDBAXXK 1k, 2.24k and 10k bioarray and microarray integrated circuits, and the 32 channel, 300V, MA32 amplifier array. The LND056-48 and LND056 utilize state of the art dielectrically isolated processes to almost completely eliminate channel to channel cross talk.

Founded in 2011, Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. is a closely held, Silicon Valley based, semiconductor and software company specializing in low power analog and mixed signal integrated circuits, systems solutions, algorithm development, and mobile app creation. Contact: Mike Ward, VP Sales, 312-321-1810. Email: mike(dot)ward(at)lineardimensions(dot)com. Web Site:

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