“MEMS microphone market growth soars over the next several years to 13% CAGR reaching $1.65B by 2019”, announces Yole Développement

MEMS Microphone Market, Applications & Business Trends 2014 report from Yole Développement

Yole Développement releases this week MEMS Microphone Market, Applications & Business Trends report. Under this report, Yole Développement’s analysts provide an update of the global MEMS microphone market including key market metrics & dynamics and the competitive landscape. “New opportunities and emerging applications continue to boost the MEMS microphone market with strong new players”, explains Frédéric Breussin, Business Unit Manager, MEMS & Sensors at Yole Développement.

MEMS microphone market has been growing since its first appearance in 2003. The huge worldwide adoption of smartphones, each using more than one MEMS microphone, creates the wide integration and rocketing growth of the MEMS microphone market. Some smartphones are now using three microphones: one for voice capture, one or two for noise cancellation and one for voice recognition improvement. The Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable electronics applications are emerging markets for MEMS microphones: new opportunities will create new momentum in this fast growing business. Smart watch, smart glasses, smart home & building, and vehicle voice control will be promising applications in the next few years.

“We believes that the MEMS microphone will remain one of the fastest growing MEMS components due to existing and new opportunities. The market will grow from $785M in 2013 to $1.65B by 2019. Shipments are expected to grow from 2.4B in 2013 to 6.6B units in 2019 which points to a market filled with opportunities for existing and new players”, says Wenbin Ding, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement. In this report, Yole Développement has completely re-examined and updated the MEMS microphone market data to provide you with a clear 2013 to 2019 market forecast. Medical and automotive MEMS microphone markets will grow, but the current markets are still small. The Internet of Things will definitely result in new opportunities for the automotive market. MEMS microphones facilitate man-machine communication and enable voice detection and control to make devices more effective. Increased device effectiveness will lead to greater opportunity. Yole Développement’s technology & market analysis provide a complete overview of traditional applications – mobile phone, notebook, camera and tablet, other consumer electronics, medical applications, and automotive applications – as well as identify emerging applications. MEMS Microphone Market, Applications & Business Trends report describes the focus of main applications in key existing markets, and those that are emerging and showing the most promise. Yole Développement’s analysis also includes in-depth teardowns of current microphones used in the major smartphones and gives some examples of emerging applications. More information is available on www.i-micronews.com, reports section. About MEMS Microphone Market, Applications and Business Trends 2014 report report

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Founded in 1998, Yole Développement has grown to become a group of companies providing marketing, technology and strategy consulting, media in addition to corporate finance services. With a strong focus on emerging applications using silicon and/or micro manufacturing, Yole Développement group has expanded to include more than 50 associates worldwide covering MEMS, Compound Semiconductors, LED, Image Sensors, Optoelectronics, Microfluidics & Medical, Photovoltaics, Advanced Packaging, Manufacturing, Nanomaterials and Power Electronics. The group supports industrial companies, investors and R&D organizations worldwide to help them understand markets and follow technology trends to develop their business.

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