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    April - 2018

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    • The Urban Sprawl of the IoT

      As the Internet of Things proliferates, connected cities become smart cities. The complexity of multiple wireless protocols requires a sound embedded operating system to coordinate

    • Cloud to Edge Engines

      Designers targeting markets from medical to transportation to machine learning to digital signage are using Intel® processors to streamline data gathering and improve efficiency. Controls

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    • The Physics of Analog Cybersecurity

      Are MEMS sensors inherently trustworthy? Successful acoustic injection attacks indicate otherwise: Hacking an accelerometer to output a waveform that spells “WALNUT” with an upper

    • Mobile VR: Worth it?

      VR thrills depend on how well your smartphone chills. The Samsung Gear and Google Daydream View are just two of the many mobile VR headsets out there that work with several smartphones

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