• Seeed Studio

    Seeed Studio

    10 Arduino Compatible Temperature Sensors
    Published. February 14, 2019

    Temperature with Arduino is a very basic and useful function, which makes it very important to choose the optimal temperature sensors for your projects. We ......

  • Arduino Blog

    Arduino Blog

    An Arduino-controlled robotic button dispenser for your next event
    Published. February 12, 2019

    Giving away buttons at Maker Faires or trade shows is a great way to promote your brand, but what if you want to dispense these trinkets in style? That was the idea behind this automated button dispenser mechanism from Jeremy S. Cook, which drops buttons one at a time, and uses a capacitive sensor to […]...

  • TI E2E Community

    TI E2E Community

    Blog Post: Your solution for measuring blood glucose levels just got smaller and more accurate
    Published. February 12, 2019

    According to World Health Organization statistics, the global prevalence of diabetes mellitus is approximately 155 million and is expected to increase to 300 million by the year 2025. Since there are serious health threats involved with high or low blood glucose levels in the body, precaution and monitoring are very important. So, you can imagine the need for millions of personal portable blood glucose monitors (BGMs). Modern BGMs require high levels of integration in a smaller size so that they...

  • Nanowerk Biotech

    Nanowerk Biotech

    Researchers create a wireless, battery-free, biodegradable blood flow sensor
    Published. January 8, 2019

    The sensor monitors the flow of blood through an artery. It is biodegradable, battery-free and wireless, so it is compact and doesn't need to be removed and it can warn a patient's doctor if there is a blockage.           ...

  • Nanowerk Nanotechnology News

    Nanowerk Nanotechnology News

    Turning a porous material's color on and off with acid
    Published. February 8, 2019

    Stable, color-changing compound shows potential for electronics, sensors and gas storage....

  • Med-Tech Innovation

    Med-Tech Innovation

    Sensor tech company presents soft flex technology at MD&M West
    Published. February 5, 2019

    Technology company Bend Labs is demonstrating its soft flex senor technology at MD&M West 2019....

  • Tech Design Forums Blog

    Tech Design Forums Blog

    Creating a $4B market for silicon photonics
    Published. January 31, 2019

    It's been a long time coming, but silicon photonics is now entering commercial design for networking and grabbing attention in autonomous driving and sensors....

  • Tractica -  Blog

    Tractica - Blog

    Voice Assistants at CES 2019 Auto? Welcome to Fantasyland
    Published. January 19, 2019

    As vehicles grow increasingly connected and become packed with sensors, there is potential for AI-driven technologies to play a prominent... More...

  • Electronics Engineering Video Blog

    Electronics Engineering Video Blog

    EEVblog #1163 – Xmas Mailbag
    Published. December 28, 2018

    Xmas Mailbag SPOILERS: Mand Labs electronics learning kit: (yes, 27 minutes of it) 27:08 Petzl climbing harness 33:20 RC2014 home brew DIY Z80 computer kit on Tindie 39:00 Custom test leads 40:40 Aircraft 121.5MHz emergency beacon and altitude sensor teardown 51:30 Monero miner, and some Linux GPL hate! EPIRB Teardown: Petzl harness gear loop ......

  • The Human OS

    The Human OS

    Why Alphabet’s Glucose Sensor Failed
    Published. November 29, 2018

    Silicon Valley takes on a tough biology challenge—and falls short...

  • Automaton


    Occipital Announces Availability of Structure Core 3D Sensor
    Published. November 29, 2018

    Depth sensing and 6-DoF spatial awareness for $400...

  • Med-Tech Innovation

    Med-Tech Innovation

    How sensing catheters are assisting surgical intervention
    Published. July 11, 2018

    Cikautxo Medical OEM explains why more customers are seeking catheters with sensor technology built-in, and how this has impacted production....

  • Bourns Blog

    Bourns Blog

    Clearing the Murky Waters of Ethernet Protection Standards
    Published. August 7, 2018

    In the connected IoT world we make there will be many Ethernet ports. It is inevitable that these vital network connections will be exposed to external environmental hazards. External sensors, cameras, WiFi hotspots, WiFi repeaters, and microcell backhaul are all examples of devices that may connect to a switch or router, exposing them to harmful […]...

  • Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

    Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

    If the Spacesuit Fits
    Published. July 25, 2018

    Movement really moves Richard Fineman, a fourth-year PhD student in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology. Using wearable sensors and a range of … The post If the Spacesuit Fits appeared first on Institute for Medical Engineering & Science....

  • Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Sensors Expo - Trip Report & My Best Video Yet!
    Published. August 3, 2018

    This was my first time at Sensors Expo and my second time in Silicon Valley and I must say I had a great time.   Before I share with you what I find to be, by far, my best 'highlights' video yet for a conference/trade show, let me try to entertain you with a few anecdotes from this trip.  If you are not interested by my stories or maybe don't have the......

  • Stack Overflow

    Stack Overflow

    Peak detection of a time series
    Published. September 18, 2015

    I’ve been doing embedded work for so long now that it’s rare that I come across a need that I haven’t run into before. Well, it happened the other day, so I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s the situation. I have a transducer whose role is to determine a binary condition (essentially X […]...

  • Engineer Zone

    Engineer Zone

    Soft Errors - Hard Facts
    Published. July 17, 2018

    I am long overdue to include a blog on the functional safety requirements for software and indeed the functional safety requirements for Verilog code however this isn’t that blog. By soft errors I mean bit flips in RAM or FF that are not caused by hard errors and therefore disappear when the power is cycled. Previously soft errors were largely ignored and reliability predictions concentrated on hard errors but when IEC 61508-2:2010 mentioned soft errors they could no longer be ignored. This...

  • Engineer Zone

    Engineer Zone

    The Day I Joined the Space Race
    Published. May 3, 2018

    I’m back again to talk about my hobby of ham radio. Last time I wrote about the experimental antenna I recently built on my property for operating on the low (1.8 – 2.0 MHz) Amateur Radio bands. Today I’m going to go back to my early days in the hobby when I first got to know OSCAR. No, not the Grouch or Felix’s roommate, this was the acronym for the Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio.   Hams have always been at the forefront of communication technology, starting...

  • Mocana IoT Security Blog

    Mocana IoT Security Blog

    Top 5 Reasons You Need to Read the IIC Endpoint Security Best Practices White Paper
    Published. March 12, 2018

    Recently, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) released a white paper entitled, Endpoint Security Best Practices (ESBP). This concise document recommends best practices for endpoint security on industrial control system (ICS) devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, drives and controllers. Here are the top five reasons you need to read the ESBP....

  • All About Microsoft

    All About Microsoft

    Microsoft stops manufacturing its Kinect sensors
    Published. October 25, 2017

    Seven years after its introduction, the Microsoft Kinect sensor is officially no longer in production....


    Build me a big data analysis room
    Published. September 28, 2016

    This was the request that showed up on our doorstep. A room. Not a system. But a room. Visions of the Star Trek NG bridge came to mind. Then the old SGI power wall … 7 meters wide by 2 meters high, driven by an awesomely powerful Onyx system (now underpowered compared to a good […]...

  • Electrical Engineers  Talk Tech

    Electrical Engineers Talk Tech

    Industrial equipment talking on the IoT? Better get a gateway (device).
    Published. July 15, 2014

    Merely routing data from local sensors onto the Internet is not the point of the IoT. Instead, aggregating that data and rolling it up via local algorithms (remotely loaded) into “actionable intelligence” allows the gateway’s operator to interpret machine or sensor trends and make big picture system-of-system decisions. Continue reading →...

  • Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Computex 2014: ARM shifts focus to wearables, Internet of Things
    Published. June 2, 2014

    ARM is known for the Cortex-A processors that power more than 95 percent of the world’s smartphones and tablets. But at this year's Computex the company is focusing on the tiny Cortex-M designs well-suited for sensors and smartwatches....

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