IXYS Announces the Expansion of Input Rectifiers in SOT-227B Minibloc Packages with Higher Power Density

IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: IXYS), a leader in power semiconductors and IC technologies for energy efficient products used in power conversion and motor control applications, announces today the expansion of its portfolio for Input Rectifiers in SOT-227B Minibloc packages.

The Rectifier SOT-227B Minibloc package family belongs to the IXYS product range of high performance Thyristor and Diode technologies for 50/60 Hz applications. With this latest addition IXYS extends the integration of more power in the SOT-227B package for Dual Diode configurations.

The low package profile of 12mm, the robust terminals for higher current conduction and a DCB (Direct copper bonded) ceramic for the electrical isolation with the lowest thermal impedance are contribute to the outstanding field ruggedness of IXYS’ SOT-227B solutions; thereby giving designers a powerful portfolio to create low profile constructions.

Four new products have been released to supplement the existing diode portfolio in SOT-227B:

  • DMA200X1600NA has a dual configuration with parallel diodes inside. The reverse blocking capability is designed to 1600 Volts with an extremely low leakage current. The high performance and strength of this product will be underlined by a very small thermal impedance of 0.3 K/W and a high surge current capability of 1500 Amps.
  • The DMA200XA1600NA has an anti-parallel diode circuit inside and gives the designers a further possibility to optimize their construction.
  • DAA200X1800NA and DAA200XA1800NA contain the same parallel and anti-parallel diode configurations but have been designed using avalanche rated diodes aiming for highest blocking performance under severe conditions, e.g. in unstable mains.

“With the extension of this group of input rectifiers in the SOT-227B package to higher current ratings, IXYS closes the gap between through-hole discrete devices like TO-247 or TO-264 and module styles like TO-240 (20mm package) or Stud devices (e.g. DO-4 and 5),” stated Dr. Elmar Wisotzki, Director of Technology for IXYS Germany. “IXYS offers here a cost-attractive, reliable and compact alternative to the market that demands more and more powerful solutions for price-sensitive applications.”

The IXYS SOT-227B diode product range contains several dual diodes with parallel and anti-parallel configurations, but also a 150 Amp single diode and combinations with two Miniblocs providing a 3 phase rectifier bridge:

DMA200X1600NA ——- 2x 100A / 1600V —– dual (parallel) diodes
DMA200XA1600NA —– 2x 100A / 1600V —– dual (anti-parallel) diodes
DAA200X1800NA ——- 2x 100A / 1800V —– dual (parallel) diodes, avalanche rated
DAA200XA1800NA —– 2x 100A / 1800V —– dual (anti-parallel) diodes, avalanche rated
DSI2x55-12A ————- 2x 60A / 1200V ——- dual (parallel) diodes
DSI2x55-16A ————- 2x 60A / 1600V ——- dual (parallel) diodes
DMA150E1600NA ——- 150A / 1600V ——— single diode
DNA90YA2200NA ——- 90A / 2200V ———- three low side diodes for a 3 phase rectifier
DNA90YC2200NA ——- 90A / 2200V ———- three high side diodes for a 3 phase rectifier
DMA150YA1600NA —– 150A / 1600V ———- three low side diodes for a 3 phase rectifier
DMA150YC1600NA —– 150A / 1600V ———- three high side diodes for a 3 phase rectifier

More product information is available on the IXYS website http://www.ixys.com/ or by contacting your nearest IXYS sales office.

About IXYS Corporation
Since its founding, IXYS Corporation has been developing power semiconductors and mixed signal ICs to improve power conversion efficiency, generate solar and wind power and provide efficient motor control for industrial applications. IXYS and its subsidiary companies offer a diversified product base that addresses worldwide needs for power control in the growing cleantech industries, renewable energy markets, telecommunications, medical devices, transportation applications, flexible displays and RF power.

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