Immersion Renews License Agreement with LG Electronics for TouchSense Technology and Basic Haptics Patent Portfolio

Immersion Corp., a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, has renewed a license agreement with LG Electronics, Inc., one of the world’s largest providers of mobile devices. Building on an agreement signed in 2014, the three-year extension provides a worldwide license for LG to use Immersion’s TouchSense technology and Basic Haptics patents in its smartphones, tablets and fitness bands.
Immersion’s TouchSense technology enables device manufacturers to appeal to users’ sense of touch by incorporating high-quality tactile effects and feedback in user interfaces and applications to simulate the connected experiences of the real world. With TouchSense technology, device manufacturers, app developers and UX designers can design power-efficient tactile effects that enhance the user experience for mobile apps and device UI.
For mobile OEMs in the Android ecosystem, the TouchSense product family provides all it takes to design and implement the highest quality haptics across handset UI elements and apps:
TouchSense 3000 is Immersion’s best-in-class end-to-end solution to design, enable, and optimize high-fidelity haptics in mobile handsets. The product package includes haptic software design tools and framework, reference guides, and on-site UX design services and FAE support, as well as intellectual property rights based on Immersion’s comprehensive patent portfolio.
TouchSense 3000 EES, another member of the TouchSense product family, offers similar benefits, but adds proprietary technology built to address the requirements of ERMs, which are among the most popular choices of actuator in the handset market.
For a basic haptic experience, mobile OEMs can license the Basic Haptics patent portfolio and implement their own form of simple non-pressure related haptics, such as the non-pressure related haptics available in the Android OS.

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