All-Flash-Solution and Thin Client Systems for High Performance Infrastructures

American Megatrends and Boston exhibit together at ISC Frankfurt

American Megatrends International (AMI) presents at this year’s ISC High Performance (July 12-16) their all flash solution StorTrends 3600i. The product is optimized for the high requirements of server and desktop virtualization. Due to the special combination of two different types of SSDs it’s also high performing and durable. Together with Boston Ami showcases their jointly developed thin clients systems at booth 10/40. The all-in-one solution combines Boston’s expertise for server technology on the hardware side with AMI’s exclusively developed management software for a highly efficient environment which works economically and energy efficiently at the same time.

One of the prerequisites for high performance computing is a powerful storage infrastructure. For these requirements AMI provides with its StorTrends products an attractive out-of-the-box solution based on SSD. The new product family StorTrends 3600i offers an extensive range of functions, such as inline deduplication and compression, automated storage tiering, the option for active/active or active/passive configuration, WAN optimization for especially fast replication and a SSD-based data encryption. StorTrends 3600i uses two different types of SSDs, one for read and one for write operations. Thus, the product allows a higher performance and longer life of SSDs. The acquisition costs with prices starting at 50 US cents per gigabyte are significantly lower than those of other all flash solutions on the market.

The product family StorTrends3500i can be operated as pure flash or as hybrid flash storage and supports SSD caching and SSD tiering, whereby cache misses are almost completely excluded. The product is designed for high performance databases, online transaction processing, virtual desktop infrastructures, cloud storage systems and IT environment with various requirements.

The jointly with Boston developed thin client systems show how AMI’s decades of experience in BIOS, remote management and KVM firmware pay off: AMI’s exclusively developed software is used to manage the infrastructure. It enables administrators to, for example, turn applications remotely on single thin clients on or off and shut down unneeded equipment. Thus, the architecture can be used energy efficiently and economically at any time.

Winfried Pröhl, managing director of American Megatrends International Germany, explains: “The advantages of high storage performance are evident when operating virtual desktop infrastructures or databases with high traffic. This is particularly the case for companies with thin client solutions in use. With the advances of our technology we can offer high performance storage at low costs and thus allow smaller companies to get started in all-flash arrays.”

About American Megatrends

American Megatrends International GmbH, based in Munich, is the German subsidiary of American Megatrends Inc. (AMI). American Megatrends Inc., based in Norcross, Georgia (USA), is a leading and innovative manufacturer of IPMI firmware and UEFI BIOS. As a leader in the development of software for new technologies AMI cooperates with virtually all PC manufacturers and provides development platforms for system-level BIOS on server, embedded, desktop, notebook and mobile platforms. For server manufacturers, AMI provides IPMI firmware for remote control and monitoring of complete data center operations.

Boston Deutschland:

The Boston Server & Storage Solution GmbH (Boston Deutschland) was founded in April 2010 within the internationally operating Boston Group. The company is located in Feldkirchen near Munich. The Boston Group is an innovative manufacturer and solution provider of server and storage systems, high-performance workstations, integrated remote access solutions and complete cloud computing solutions that companies can integrate easily and efficiently to their IT environment. Boston Deutschland as part of the Boston group can demonstrate an expertise through over 20 years of experience in these product segments. The Boston Group has for many years been one of the most important partners as Solution Factory of Supermicro, the leading OEM manufacturer of workstations, server and storage systems.