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Teledyne LeCroy Everywhere You Look.

Supported Architectures: PCIe, NVMe, USB, USB-PD, USB Type-C, DDR, SAS, SATA, SAN, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, NVMe over Fabric, PAM4, MIPI C-PHY, D-PHY, M-PHY, UFS,Bluetooth, 802.11, Video, HDMI, Display Port, Power Integrity, EMC/EMI, High Definition Resolution, Automotive Control Busses

Teledyne LeCroy
Everywhere You Look.

Teledyne LeCroy offers a wide range of tools for everywhere you need to look.

Whether you’re designing mobile or IoT devices, devices for the connected car or cloud infrastructure, Teledyne LeCroy has the tools to bring your device to market faster.

When it comes to serial data testing, Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers lead the way in providing optimum solutions for high-speed signal and data analysis. In offering a complete toolbox for the busy test and measurement engineer, Teledyne LeCroy devices provide the ultimate end-to-end solution for the design cycle.

Teledyne LeCroy also offers training and test services for wireless solutions, server, storage, and networking interfaces and protocols. We are the one stop shop for signal and serial data analysis from tools to training to test services.


  • Oscilloscopes offer a powerful waveshape analysis capabilities – tailored to enhance the productivity of engineers in areas such as serial data test, power integrity and automotive bus analysis.
  • Protocol analyzers, exercisers/emulators, jammers and verification tools for existing and emerging digital communications standards to help developers to quickly identify and correct errors.
  • Video test instruments help engineers design video, audio, and control products without interoperability problems. Features include signal emulation and analysis, interoperability and compliance tests.
  • Wireless Solutions for Bluetooth, 802.11 and NFC, for chip manufacturers all the way to software stack developers.
  • Test and Training Services – premier third-party test and validation centers for server, storage, and networking interfaces and protocols as well as for automotive wireless implementations.


  • Oscilloscopes with HD4096 technology enables 12 bits of vertical resolution with 8 GHz bandwidth, Clean, Crisp Waveforms, More Signal Details, Unmatched Measurement Precision.
  • Protocol Analyzers probing multi-lane, serial data links at up to 100Gbps, decoding PAM4, NVMe, NMe over Fibre. Traffic emulation and error injection at line rates.
  • Video tools supporting HDMI 2.1 Fixed Rate Link and FEC capture analysis and decode up to 48Gbps (12Gbps/Lane), or DP 1.4 HBR3 to 8Gbs and up to 4 lanes.
  • Wireless tools capture the 2.4 GHz ISM for Bluetooth LE, BR/EDR, RFspectrum analysis, Bluetooth and 802.11 coexistence. Bluetooth RF-PHY testing on live links. 802.11 capture and analysis.
  • Test Svcs – ASG. wireless-Interoperability, Product Spec Validation, Component Evaluation, Baseline Testing. Austin Labs – SAS, SCSI, RAID, iSCSI, SATA, SAS, FC, FCoE, PCIe, NVMe and NVMe over Fabric.

Contact Information

Teledyne LeCroy

700 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Chestnut Ridge, NY, 10977

toll-free: 800-909-7211

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