Total Phase, Inc.

Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester v2

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Supported Architectures: USB Type-C, PD, USB 2.0, USB 3.1, USB 3.2, HDMI, DisplayPort, Lightning

Total Phase’s Advanced Cable Tester v2 is the most comprehensive and accurate high-speed cable tester ever, reducing the cost per test and improving test time by 80% versus its predecessor. The Advanced Cable Tester v2 is the quickest, most convenient way to test USB, Lightning, and video cables, combining the thorough test coverage from the first-generation tool with new capabilities including support for a broader range of cable types, enhanced measurement of Rp/Rd/Ra, full support for PD 3.0, and graphical analysis for shorts/opens/routing.

The Advanced Cable Tester v2 includes continuity checks on all pins/wires, DCR and IR Drop tests on each power pin (VBUS/GND), E-Marker verification to validate the accuracy of the advertised vs actual data, and signal integrity testing up to 12.8 Gbps per channel.

The Advanced Cable Tester v2 supports testing a variety of cables via easily interchangeable consumable test modules. Each module is rated for 10,000 tests, guaranteeing cost-effective and accurate cable test results, while protecting the Advanced Cable Tester v2 from wear providing a robust, long-term solution for your cable testing needs.

Combining blazing fast performance with a low cost per test and a rugged design, the Advanced Cable Tester v2 enables rapid spot-checking of cables, easy-to-understand reports, with 100% test coverage for lab and production environments at a fraction of the price, time, and labor. Whether your application is 100% quality control in a factory or statistical process control in a laboratory, the Advanced Cable Tester v2 will provide high precision and accuracy with thorough test coverage, without expensive scopes, custom fixtures, and highly trained personnel, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Comprehensive DC resistance measurement for all wire pairs including VBUS, GND, CC, SBU excluding SuperSpeed and Hi-Speed data lines on all cables, measurement of Ra/Rp/Rd as appropriate.
  • Detection of shorts/opens with dynamic representation of all routing for Continuity testing; with E-Marker verification for USB Type-C full featured cables.
  • Test Lightning plug communication, over-voltage protection, voltage recovery, and quiescent current consumption per Apple MFI specifications with support for all USB Type-C to Lightning USB2 cables and USB Standard-A to Lightning USB2 cables.
  • Test signal integrity of data lines at speeds up to 12.8 Gbps. Provides eye diagrams as well as digital values for eye closure data to easily to visualize signal integrity at various speeds.
  • High speed testing is ideal for a production environment; comprehensive test coverage is ideal for a laboratory environment. Includes a royalty-free API to integrate to your test infrastructure or data acquisitions system.


  • Supports USB Type-C, USB Standard-A, USB Micro-B, USB Standard-B (USB 3.2 and earlier specifications). Full-Featured PD2 or PD3 and USB 2.0 Type-C cables are supported
  • Supports Apple Lightning USB 2.0 with USB Type-C and USB Standard-A connectivity
  • Supports HDMI 2.1 and earlier and DisplayPort 1.4 and earlier and custom cable solutions are available as well
  • Circular buffer with local storage of up to 10,000 test records
  • Supports headless operation for factory testing with pass/fail results displayed on a color screen (no PC required) as well as detailed continuity, resistance, E-Marker and signal integrity data via the web interface

USB, Type-C, Power Delivery, Lightning, HDMI, DisplayPort, Video, Cable Testing, Cable Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Computer Hardware

Accepting Orders for Shipment Mid Q1 2019

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Total Phase, Inc.

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tele: 408.850.6500
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