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Industrial equipment talking on the IoT? Better get a gateway (device).
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Server system-on-chips pack up to 48 64-bit ARM cores
What's Up Next in the IoT?

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  • Development Options Evolve with Advances in Intel® Processor Performance-Per-Watt

    The latest Intel® processors bridge a performance-power-cost gap to open a range of new low-power and small form factor embedded design strategies for IoT, industrial, healthcare, smart energy and transportation applications.

  • Insights from the Sci-Fi Community on Wearables

    Several recent interviews with technical experts about trends in wearable technology made me wonder how sci-fi writers might envision the future. Just for fun, I asked the Sci-Fi

  • Riding the Rails Away From Isolation

    Railway continues to be a highly viable form of mass transit and freight transport, with major infrastructure updates and high speed lines targeted for development over the coming years.

  • Driving The Digital Car With Analog Components

    The modern “digital car” includes analog components for timing and signal integrity alongside USB, PCI Express and others. Today’s new cars get decent mileage, are relatively

  • Bring Legacy Storage Interfaces into the Modern World

    Storage bridging and new drive technologies can extend the lifetime of storage system interfaces, increase reliability and add security features while reducing system size, weight and

  • Sensors Are a Primary Source for Big Data

    New IoT applications—from medical to smart energy to animal husbandry— drive the need for more layered intelligence to address security and privacy concerns, and to manage stunning

  • What’s Up Next in the IoT?

    The Internet of things shares many of the same challenges as human-Internet interactions, including the need for connectivity standards, improved security, and new power innovations—but

  • Advanced Process Nodes Transform MCU Market

    Integrated peripherals and sensor capabilities in today’s MCUs support new applications in wearable and ultra-mobile designs. To get a sense of where innovation is occurring

  • Small Form Factors—One Size Does NOT Fit All

    Aerospace and transportation applications are particularly affected by operating environments that are at the upper limits of most SFF standards, but even low-volume designs can benefit

  • PC/104: What’s Old Is New Again

    Despite all the breathless excitement of the “new” Internet of Things, the PC/104 Consortium has spent its 22 years of existence helping to get the industry to this point: bringing

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