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ControlSafe™ Platform

Artesyn’s ControlSafe™ Platform is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), fail-safe system for train control and rail signaling. Based on open standards, it provides a cost-effective solution that enables application developers and system integrators to substantially accelerate time-to-market without being deterred by the potentially high costs and risks associated with the stringent SIL4 system development and certification process.

The first two platforms, aimed at wayside or large station/interchange applications, have already been SIL4 certified while the latest model in the growing portfolio is designed for onboard or carborne applications and is targeted for certification in Q3 2017.

A shared safety architecture makes it easy to transfer applications between systems and deploy as a common platform. This innovative data lock-step architecture and hardware-based voting mechanism supports high performance modern processors, and is modular, scalable and designed to seamlessly accommodate additional I/O interfaces as well as new processor architectures that will be required throughout the product life cycle.

The ControlSafe Platform is designed to offer a COTS SIL4 platform that brings to customers all the benefits of outsourcing platform-level technology – accelerated time to market, significant savings in R&D and certification costs, and the ability to focus their R&D on differentiating from their competitors. One of our customers estimates that they have saved millions of dollars and many years of development time thanks to adopting the ControlSafe Platform.

Artesyn is committed to building long-term partnerships with our customers, based on proven and reliable systems with consistent performance. The ControlSafe Platform provides rail industry customers with an unmatched, highly reliable platform with 15 years of planned product life and 25 years of extended support and service.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly integrated SIL4 COTS platform
  • Designed to deliver system availability as high as six nines (99.9999%)
  • Modular and scalable for deployment in multiple safety applications
  • Innovative data lock-step architecture allows seamless technology upgrades
  • Hardware-based voting mechanism maximizes application software transparency
  • Rugged design compliant with EN 50155
  • Provides 15 years product life and 25 years of service
  • Growing product portfolio to enable future wayside and carborne deployment


Application Areas
Fail-safe and fault-tolerant operation, train control, rail signaling



Contact Information

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tele: +1 888 412 7832
toll-free: +1 602 438 5720

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