Teledyne LeCroy

Voyager™ M310C USB 3.1 & PD Protocol Analyzer

  • USB SuperSpeed Gen-1 & Gen-2 (10Gbps)
  • USB Type-C™ & Power Delivery
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy

The Voyager M310C is Teledyne LeCroy’s flagship USB 3.1 validation platform that provides end-to-end testing of USB systems and software.

USB SuperSpeed Gen-1 & Gen-2 (10Gbps) USB Type-C™ & Power Delivery

Designed to sit in the USB data path and transparently record traffic to provide unambiguous visibility of the exchange between host and device. Featuring native Type-C connectors and comprehensive support for USB 3.1 and Power Delivery analysis, the M310C is the ultimate test and debug platform for next generation USB systems.

Approved for USB-IF Compliance Testing

Designed from the start to address compliance testing, the Voyager platform is available with a USB exerciser option capable of generating both USB 2.0, 3.1 and Power Delivery traffic. A fully automated compliance test suite is also available to verify conformance for USB 3.1, Type-C, and PD devices. Full source code for all test scripts is included allowing fast development of derivative tests.


Features & Benefits

  • CATC Trace - Captured traffic is displayed using the legendary CATC Trace which has become the industry’s de facto standard for USB protocol analysis.
  • Unmatched Accuracy - The Voyager analysis platform utilizes Teledyne LeCroy’s innovative T.A.P.3™ probing technology to provide unmatched accuracy without compromising link integrity.
  • Fast signal lock - Fast locking on 10 Gbps USB traffic allows complete visibility to link training and speed negotiation handshake sequence.
  • Analyze USB 2.0, 3.1 & PD - Concurrent high-speed, SuperSpeed and PD recording allows end-to-end viewing of data transfers across a USB 3.1 hub.
  • Comprehensive Class Decoding – Automatic decoding of device class traffic including Mass Storage, video, audio and many others.

Technical Specs

  • Hardware Triggering
  • 16GB Recording Capacity
  • Supports new Type-C & Legacy USB devices
  • Fully integrated USB Exerciser option

Contact Information

Teledyne LeCroy

700 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Chestnut Ridge, NY, 10977

toll-free: 800-553-2769

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