ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Rugged, Industrial Strength USB Embedded I/O Solutions

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux (including Mac OSX) and Windows
System Supports: USB 1.1, 2.0. 3.1

ACCES I/O Products offers USB-based data acquisition and control in both standard packaging and embedded OEM USB/104 board only options. These USB DAQ devices are perfect for a variety of applications requiring monitoring, control and industrial serial communications. Add the features you need in your application in hours, not days. Choose from over 100 different models and options (including extended temperature) encompassing analog I/O, digital I/O, counter/timer, and serial I/O configurations.

All of our USB DAQ products feature Plug-and-Play, hot swappable installation for quick connect or disconnect in mobile, embedded, or stationary systems. These boards are excellent for easy installation into OEM equipment and eliminate the labor required with traditional plug-in boards. No screws, reboots, I/O addresses, DIP switches, DMA channels or IRQ settings.

Call us today and start your application tomorrow. And remember, if you don’t see what you need, ask us and we will make it for you.


  • Multifunction Analog Input/Output USB DAQ Products provide 16 (up to 128) channels of multifunction analog I/O with signal conditioning, single-ended or differential inputs, real-time software calibration, and extended temperature.
  • Analog Output USB DAQ. Select from an assortment of 12 and 16-bit models with 4, 8, or 16 analog outputs, full Arbitrary Waveform Generator functionality (AWG/ARB), and up to 125K conversions simultaneously per channel.
  • Digital Input / Output USB DAQ Products for compact control and monitoring applications. Choose from 4 to 96 channels offering various voltage, isolation, speed, and counter/timer options.
  • Serial Communication USB Products. Simply install the included software and connect our product to your USB port and transform it into asynchronous serial ports for communication with serial instruments. 1, 2, and 4-port models are available.
  • Custom USB I/O Products. Over 25 years of product development, 350 COTS products, over 750 specials and options. If you don’t see what you need, ask us and we will make it for you.



  • All USB products are available packaged in a rugged, steel enclosure with an attractive black powder coat finish, anti-skid bottom, and a DIN rail mounting provision. This enclosure is useful in industrial environments.
  • The OEM USB/104 product line PCB size measures just 90mm x 96mm and the mounting holes match the PC/104 form factor. This ensures easy installation using standard standoffs inside most enclosures or systems.
  • The USB/PICO line was created for our customers which demand an even smaller footprint and certain specific I/O configurations. The size of these modules is exactly half that of PC/104 (72mm x 60mm) and can be mounted virtually anywhere.
  • High Retention USB Connector. A type B USB connector is used on all ACCES USB products which features a high retention design that complies with the class 1, Div II minimum withdrawal requirement of over 3 pounds of force (15 Newtons)
  • For embedded OEM type applications, an additional micro-fit USB input header is provided in parallel with the type B connector.


Monitoring and Control, Embedded OEM, Energy Management and Conservation, Gaming Systems, Industrial Automation, Kiosks, Machine Control, Manufacturing Test, Medical, POS, Precision Measurement, Process Monitoring, Retail, Robotics, Security, UAVs

Contact Information

ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

10623 Roselle Street
San Diego, CA, 92121

tele: 858.550.9559
toll-free: 800.326.1649
fax: 858.550.7322

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