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  • Model 52730: 1 GHz A/D, 1 GHz D/A with Virtex-7 FPGA

    Compatible Architectures: OPENVPX The 52730 factory-installed functions include an A/D acquisition and a D/A waveform playback IP module for simplifying data capture and data transfer.

  • MAXv VME/VME64 Bus Motion Control

    VME format boards typically find use in defense and aerospace applications, as well as in government labs and R&D instrumentation. User-selectable axes types include open or closed

  • 3130T4 Freescale QorIQ™ T4160/T4240

    Compatible Operating Systems: Wind River VxWorks, SMP Linux (Yocto Distribution) for Freescale QorIQ Processors Supported Architectures: VXS, VPX/OpenVPX The 3130T4 is a rugged

  • “Mupac” 760 Small Form Factor Series

    Designed to deliver mission-critical computing performance in a fully portable enclosure - ideal for rugged small spaces. Building on SIE Computing Solution’s 40-year history

  • 717 Series Air-Over Conduction Cooled ATR Enclosures

    Compatible Operating Systems:VME, VME64x, VXS, VPX and CPCI architectures The 717 Series is available in standard ARINC sizes that include 1/2 ATR Short to 1-1/2 ATR Long and any

  • 3220Q OpenVPX Intel® Xeon®

    Compatible Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise MRG (Linux) Compatible Architectures: OpenVPX, VPX The 3220Q is a rugged high-performance 6U OpenVPX blade, with a dual socket

  • MVME2500

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Wind River VxWorks Compatible Architectures: Power Architecture Artesysn Embedded Technologies' MVME2500 series features the Freescale QorIQ™