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  • OpenVPX™ Interoperability and Rugged Signal Processing

    OpenVPX enables integrators to match modules with compatible backplanes and chassis. However, in order to achieve true interoperability, you need to understand how the OpenVPX system of module, slot, backplane, and power profiles fit together. This white paper provides an introduction to OpenVPX terminology and explains its key architectural features.

  • Putting OpenVPX to Work

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  • Putting VPX and OpenVPX to Work Handbook, 1st Edition

    OpenVPX provides an effective method for describing VPX components, and also defines numerous “profiles” for boards, slots and backplanes that detail specific configurations of channels, interconnections and fabrics. By narrowing the field of configurations, these profiles boost reusability and interoperability between vendors. OpenVPX presents a formal, well-organized system for defining all components in VPX systems.

  • Putting VPX and OpenVPX to Work

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  • XPedite7683

    The XPedite7683 is a secure, high-performance, 3U OpenVPX™, single board computer based on the Intel® Xeon® D-1500 family of processors. Providing up to 16 Xeon®-class cores, up

  • CMOSS / SOSA VPX System Development Environment

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Windows Supported Architectures: VPX Streamline your development efforts for faster time to deployment in mission critical systems. This 3U

  • 717-SM Series ATR

    Atrenne’s 717-SM Series is designed to perform in the harshest environments and can be deployed in a range of land, sea and air applications. Typical applications involve SIGNIT,

  • GraphiteVPX/GbE – Managed Ethernet Switch

    Connect Tech’s GraphiteVPX/GbE Managed Ethernet Switch provides Carrier Grade Ethernet switching capabilities in a small 3U embedded form factor. Excellent for demanding applications

  • MVME81xx Series 6U NXP QorIQ® P5010/P5020 VME64x/VXS SBC

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Wind River VxWorks, Green Hills Integrity Compatible Architectures: Power Architecture Artesyn’s MVME81xx series features the high performance

  • MVME250x Series 6U NXP QorIQ® P2010/P2020 VME64X SBC

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Wind River VxWorks Compatible Architectures: Power Architecture Artesyn’s MVME250x series features the NXP QorIQ single-core P2010 or dual-core

  • Graphite VPX/CPU-TX2/TX2i/TX1

    Connect Tech’s GraphiteVPX/CPU-TX2/TX2i/TX1 is a VITA 65 compliant 3U VPX single board computer that brings the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2, TX2i, and TX1 embedded computing platforms

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