The CES RIOV-2440 is a 3U OpenVPX™ SBC featuring the QorIQ® T4240 processor from Freescale® in a compact, rugged form factor

The RIOV-2440 features the QorIQ® T4240, the first Advanced Multiprocessing SoC from Freescale®, with 12 dual-threaded cores. The 24 virtual cores of the T4240, along with the associated AltiVec® technology SIMD engines and hardware accelerators, provide excellent performance for calculation-intensive applications. The integrated I/O peripherals and the data-path acceleration architecture (DPAA) guarantee the highest performance for I/O-intensive applications. The CoreNet™ fabric provides very efficient point-to-point interconnection between the multiple cores and peripherals, making the T4240 the ideal choice for applications requiring very high performance, both in I/O and calculation. The hardware-assisted virtualization support enables the safe and flexible partitioning of applications on the multiple cores.

The RIOV-2440 supports the T4240 processor with up to 12 GB of high-speed DDR3 memory in three separate banks, 2 GB of onboard Flash, and direct I/O connections to the backplane. The overhead of additional switches and bridges is eliminated, while flexibility is provided by the multiple processor I/O configuration options, including PCIe, SRIO, GbE, 10GbE and SATA II. It is compatible with most OpenVPX™ payload slot profiles.

As the first SBC with the T4240 processor, the RIOV-2440 is intended for air-cooled applications and laboratory models. It provides easy access to the essential I/Os on the front panel, as well as complete connectivity on the backplane. Various RTM modules are available to access the wide range of I/O and debug signals.


  • Very high computing power in a single 3U VPX slot, ideal for SWaP-sensitive HPEC applications
  • Based on the Freescale® QorIQ® T4240, 24 virtual PPC cores with AMP and AltiVec® technology
  • Easy access to front-panel I/O and modular RTM options for full connectivity, including 10GbE, SRIO and PCIe
  • Rugged air-cooled variant available, conduction-cooled version on request
  • Support for the latest VSIPL++ libraries as well as legacy AltiVec® software


  • OpenVPX Profiles: Slot profile: SLT3-PAY-1F2F2U-14.2.2, Payload module profile: MOD3-PAY-1F2F2U-16.2.2-n
  • Processor: Freescale® QorIQ® T4240 (twelve dual-threaded cores) at 1.6 GHz, 2 MBytes internal L2 cache (per cluster) with ECC protection, triple 512 KBytes internal L3 cache with ECC protection
  • Memory: triple 2/4 GBytes DDR3 SDRAM at 12 GBytes/s peak (per channel) with ECC protection, 2 GBytes Flash EPROM (NAND), 128 MBytes Flash EPROM (NOR), 256 KBytes NVRAM
  • Interconnect: four PCIe x4 on VPX-P1/P2, two SRIO x4 on VPX-P1, twelve GbE on VPX-P1/P2 + one on front, three 10GbE on VPX-P1/P2, one SATA II on VPX-P2 + one on front, one USB 2.0 on front, one UART on VPX-P2 + one on front, one Aurora on VPX-P2
  • Advanced Board Management Controller: for VITA 46.11 support, configuration management, event logging and other supporting tasks

Contact Information

Creative Electronic Systems

38 av. Eugene-Lance
Grand-Lancy, Geneva 1212,

tele: 00 41 22 884 51 00
fax: 00 41 22 884 51 00

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