Elma Electronic Inc.

3U VPX Data Storage Modules

Compatible Architectures: VPX and Open VPX
Compatible Operating Systems: Linux and Windows

Today’s high performance embedded computing systems require storage capacity that keeps up with the volume and pace of data collection rates in today’s high speed C4ISR applications. Don’t be caught short. Elma’s 533x Series is a family of 3U VPX storage modules which enable high speed, high capacity data storage in rugged compact embedded systems for air, land and sea assets. The 5330/31 supports 4 drives – 2 on board and 2 downstream via an on board PCIe Gen 1 to 4 port SATA II 3Gbps controller allowing creation of a multi-slot storage array when used along with Elma’s 5332/33 dual drive storage carriers. The 5335/36 supports 8 drives – 2 on board and 6 downstream via an on board PCIe Gen 2 to 8 port SATA III 6Gbps controller also using the 5332/33 dual drive storage carriers. Both controller boards take advantage of PCIe ports provided by the host single board computer to provide direct connectivity and fast performance. Build multi-terabyte storage sub-system arrays using leading edge pre-qualified SLC or MLC solid state drives. With RAID 0/1/5/10 support, an array system can be configured to maximize bandwidth or provide data redundancy for critical applications. Inter-module connectivity options include direct connection via custom backplane designs or cabled connections using available rear transition modules. Talk to Elma about custom designs and take advantage of our 30 plus years of field proven experience in system integration and storage module design history.


  • Largest available capacity in a single 3U VPX slot with dual SATA III drives
  • Conduction and air cooled configurations with optional conformal coating and extended temperature operation
  • VITA 48 REDI primary and secondary side covers supporting 2 Level maintenance
  • Solid state MLC or SLC drives
  • Marvel PCIe to SATA III controller support

  • The 533x Series provides the building blocks for a high speed, high capacity storage arrays
  • Manage your system using software RAID for maximum data protection and access speed
  • Configuration control and EOL management ensures qualified form, fit and functional replacements for solid state drives used in all Elma storage products
  • Open VPX compliant module profiles
  • Access to Elma’s integrated system design experience to assist in overall system configuration

Application Areas
Defense, homeland security and rugged industrial

Currently available

Contact Information

Elma Electronic Inc.

44350 S. Grimmer Blvd.
Fremont, CA, 94538
United States

tele: 510-565-3400
fax: 510-656-3783

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