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    • New to OpenVPX?

      If you have a project on the horizon which demands minimal size, weight, and power, here’s why it will behoove you to get past any awkwardness or unfamiliarity with OpenVPX and put

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    • Open Doors for Universal Embedded Design

      Charged with finding cost-effective integration for multicore platforms, the European Union’s (EU) Artemis EMC2 project finished at the end of May this year. A further initiative

    • Waste Not—Fully Utilize PCIe Resources with Device Lending

      Device lending provides a new tool for creating the right mix of components to maximize application performance, allowing more flexibility to seamlessly, effortlessly share resources before having to purchase additional resources. PCIe provides the ability to create complex systems from small to large. Device lending through PCIe adds the flexibility to maximize the use of these systems.

    • Intel Demonstrates Future of High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

      As new digital economies continue to rise across industries from biomedicine research to autonomous driving, generating a plethora of data, there is a great demand for high-performance computing (HPC) to advance systems for scalability and agility to support optimal data use in compute, storage, memory, network and security. At the 2017 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 17), Intel demonstrated that to manage these diverse workloads efficiently, HPC systems will need to evolve to enable new levels of performance, scalability, memory bandwidth and I/O capabilities.

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