At present, Feynman Software has three product lines

Beijing Feynman Software Technology Co., Ltd. was established by the initiator and main developers of the worldwide well-known free software project (MiniGUI) in September, 2002. Feynman Software is one of a few software companies which has the independent ability to research and develop system software and development kit in China.

At present, Feynman Software has three product lines as follow: MiniGUI Value-Added Release (MiniGUI-VAR) and components, key applications (such as embedded web browser mSpider, embedded GIS software mEagle, and embedded Flash player mSeal), and application suite for mobile devices – Fhas.

MiniGUI provides a modern graphics user interface (GUI) support system for real-time embedded systems. It can run on Linux/uClinux, eCos, VxWorks, pSOS, ThreadX, Nucleus, OSE, and even uC/OS-II.

mSpider is a lightweight browser based on MiniGUI. It provides support for the most tags and attributes of HTML 4, as well as the familiar JavaScript objects, and has a very good architecture to customize its user interfaces.

mEagle is an embedded Geography Information System based on MiniGUI. It has a fast speed and low resource consumption. You can use mEagle in many fields such as intelligent terminals, vehicles, and so on.

mSeal is a Flash player, which uses the two-dimensional vector graphics rendering engine based on MiniGUI. At present, mSeal is a player which provides the support for the most features of Flash in embedded Linux system. It has the highest-quality graphics output, and has the fastest rendering speed.

Fhas is an application suite designed by Feynman Software, supporting the development of products and applications on all kinds of intelligent appliances, such as mobile phones, WiFi phones, and IP phones, PMPs, and so on.

Feynman’s products have been already widely used in the global embedded market. There are many successful cases all over the world.

The most famous telecommunication equipment supplier in China, Huawei, used MiniGUI as the platform on STBs, hand-held devices, etc.

Inventec (Taiwan) established a long-term cooperative relationship with Feynman Software in 2003. Inventec adopted MiniGUI as the graphics user interface system for its mobile devices. Inventec also adopted Fhas to develop a GSM smart phone and a WiFi phone, which used Linux and eCos operating systems respectively. Many other IP-Phone design companies such as Atmel are using the MiniGUI/Fhas solution to develop their products.

At the 2006’ ITU Hongkong, DaTang Mobile released Arena software platform for TD-SCDMA 3G mobile phone. DaTang Mobile adopted ThreadX as the real-time operating system of Arena, and Feynman’s MiniGUI/Fhas as the application development platform. Now, there are about ten mobile phone manufacturers (including ZTE, TCL, and so on) who use MiniGUI/Fhas to develop TD-SCDMA phones in China. This indicates that MiniGUI has become the de-facto standard of MMI system for TD-SCDMA mobile phones in China.

Contact Information

Beijing Feynman Software Technology Co. Ltd.

Room 508 B-C, Floor 5, Citic Guoan Shumagang, No. 32
Haidian South Road, Haidian DiStreet
Beijing, P.R., 100080

tele: 86.10.82652611/2652

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