Verari Systems Software announces the release of VSI/Pro 1.12 for VxWorks

Verari Systems Software’s high performance math library, VSI/Pro version 1.12, is now officially released for the VxWorks platform for G4 processors. This release has improved performance for split format complex data and now handles split format as efficiently as interleaved.

VSI/Pro is the flagship math and signal processing library from Verari Systems Software. VSI/Pro is fully compliant with the VSIPL (Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library) standard, as set forth by the VSIPL Forum ( VSIPL is an open standard that provides an API (Application Programmer’s Interface) to a library of scalar, vector, linear algebra, matrix, and signal processing functions (FFT, Window, Filter, and Convolution) for both scientific and engineering applications. VSI/Pro has been optimized for a variety of embedded SBC systems and provides portability, high performance and interoperability on diverse hardware architectures. Our VSI/Pro product provides excellent performance optimization for different kinds of DSP applications on PowerPC/Altivec (both G4 and G5) and x86 architectures (both 32 bit and 64 bit). In general, our highly optimized Altivec implementation provides a factor of 6x – 8x performance boost compared to non-Altivec implementations.

Please contact our sales department at if you would like more information regarding this release.

Contact Information

Verari Systems Software

110 12th Street North
Suite D103
Birmingham, AL, 35203

tele: 205.397.3143
toll-free: 866.851.5244
fax: 205.397.3142

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