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  • Cortus IP connects the third wave of computational devices

    Two 32bit processor IPs have been released by Cortus, the company’s second generation of processor IP that takes a minimalist approach to the ‘third wave’ of applications. Caroline Hayes spoke to Roddy Urqhart, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Cortus.

  • IoT Standards Enable Interoperability

    Experts weigh in on challenges in IoT device development, the value of standards, and the importance of standards groups such as the Industrial Internet Consortium.

  • Smarter Ways to Embrace the Internet of Things

    Business benefits have been constrained by the complexity of producing real-world applications, but this will change once operators and device manufacturers are freed to focus on their value-add.

  • Smart Software Monetization for Smart Devices

    Equipment manufacturers are evolving into software companies. The right software monetization tactics offer greater market share while reducing manufacturing and inventory costs.

  • Security in the Connected Car

    Connected, safe and reliable – this is the vision for the car of the future. To make sure these three requirements can be met, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers of electronic components

  • Security Measures for Internet Enabled Devices

    Increased reliance on intelligent devices and a growing number of threats require proactive security measures. Embedded devices, including Military and Aerospace devices, is the

  • Wind River’s Partner Ecosystem

    If some ecosystems are like a forest of trees that all have generally the same shape and characteristics, the embedded ecosystem is more like the ocean: enormously diverse, large and

  • Multicore Is Key to Innovation in Medical Applications

    Next generation of safety-critical medical systems requires secure, stable platform for innovation while reusing as much legacy code as possible. The world of medical electronics is

  • Android Dives into Embedded Despite Fragmentation Risks

    Linux Takes on Security and New Market Opportunities In a July 2011 research note, VDC Research analyst Jared Weiner stated that the commercial market for Linux-related software and

  • Achieving Business goals with Wind River’s Multicore Software Solution

    Device makers need to find ways to compete through reducing cost, boosting performance, and bringing innovative and differentiating functionality to market on time. Increasingly, the ability to meet business objectives relies on the ability to optimize a device’s software…

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  • Iconfidant SSH & SSL

    Iconfidant SSH & SSL are source code products providing embedded security for VxWorks, Solaris and Linux based systems. Iconfidant allows network equipment vendors to easily add

  • Floodgate Packet Filter - Embedded Firewall

    Floodgate Packet Filter is an embedded firewall that allows networked devices to control the packets they process. Floodgate protects against potentially malicious attacks by filtering

  • 6WINDGate Multicore Packet Processing Software

    Compatible Architectures: Cavium OCTEON/OCETON-II, Freescale QorIQ, Intel® x86, NetLogic XLR/XLS/XLP, Tilera TilePro64 6WINDGate™ is the Gold Standard in packet processing software

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