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  • Iconfidant SSH & SSL

    Iconfidant SSH & SSL are source code products providing embedded security for VxWorks, Solaris and Linux based systems. Iconfidant allows network equipment vendors to easily add

  • Floodgate Packet Filter - Embedded Firewall

    Floodgate Packet Filter is an embedded firewall that allows networked devices to control the packets they process. Floodgate protects against potentially malicious attacks by filtering

  • 6WINDGate Multicore Packet Processing Software

    Compatible Architectures: Cavium OCTEON/OCETON-II, Freescale QorIQ, Intel® x86, NetLogic XLR/XLS/XLP, Tilera TilePro64 6WINDGate™ is the Gold Standard in packet processing software

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