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AMD's ARM-based Server CPUs Take Flight
Intel Developers Forum 2014, SunMan Engineering
Eye diagrams don't lie: ReDrivers, before and after

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  • Multicore Q&A with LDRA

    Not just for plants, cross-pollination applies to know-how, too, and there may be no better example than what’s taking place among the mil-aero, medical, industrial and other markets as they seek to take on the complexities of security and safety for multicore systems.

  • Security: The Ultimate Barrier to IoT Success

    Coming to a meeting of minds on security, independent portability and virtualization will pave the way for IoT success.

  • AMD’s ARM-based Server CPUs Take Flight

    AMD adds “Hierofalcon” ARM to its x86-based embedded and server line-up. It’s been over a year since first announced, but AMD demoed its 8-core, ARM Cortex A57-based “Hierofalcon”

  • Underlying Symptoms of Success Grow for Embedded Medical

    Easier workloads—for physicians and MCUs; cutting edge SoC graphics; software defined innovation, the IoT. Keeping up with the medical electronics market requires a close watch on

  • Automotive Security: Why UWB Measures Up

    When IEEE ratified 802.15.4a it opened the way to highly accurate tracking using wireless technology for the automotive and other industries. Now, with a new breed of integrated Ultra

  • Cortus IP connects the third wave of computational devices

    Two 32bit processor IPs have been released by Cortus, the company’s second generation of processor IP that takes a minimalist approach to the ‘third wave’ of applications. Caroline Hayes spoke to Roddy Urqhart, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Cortus.

  • Bluetooth Smart in Automotive Applications

    It wasn’t many years ago that an automotive vehicle was more mechanical than electrical. When the car broke down, anyone with some technical experience could elaborate on a quick

  • Deeper Dive - Freescale has great expectations for IoT

    Caroline Hayes meets Tim Summers, Operations Manager, System Design, Freescale, and asks him what his vision is for IoT. He has some exciting – and some self-confessed – far-out ideas.

  • Intel Tackling Many Areas From SuperServers to Smart Beer Kegs

    Advances in CPU performance lead the way, but the diversity of new applications is feeding the frenzy for smaller, faster and lower power solutions.

  • The Appeal of the Computer on Board Phenomenon

    What will it take to keep the momentum going for COM/SOMs in the ATCA market? The market for COMs—including COM Express and many others—is growing. SMARC is one example of

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