Tundra Semiconductor Introduces Multi-Standard Serial RapidIO Switch with PCI Bridging and FPGA Interface

Tundra Semiconductor Introduces Multi-Standard Serial RapidIO Switch with PCI Bridging and FPGA Interface

Tsi620 Significantly Reduces 3G Wireless Baseband Costs
AdvancedTCA Summit, Santa Clara, California – October 16, 2007 –Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), a leader in System Interconnect, today introduced the Tsi620™, an innovative multi-standard Serial RapidIO Switch that lowers 3G baseband costs by bridging RapidIO-based DSP clusters to low cost embedded processors and FPGAs. 

The Tundra Tsi620 significantly lowers 3G baseband processing costs by directly connecting a switched cluster of RapidIO-enabled DSPs to low cost PCI-enabled microprocessors, in many cases leveraging investment in existing software solutions.  Further cost savings are realized by taking advantage of the Tsi620’s unique RapidIO port for FPGA interconnect.  This port allows baseband designers to select cost competitive FPGAs without integrated SerDes. 

“Baseband cards can be implemented with significant cost savings with the Tsi620, while at the same time benefiting from the latest signal processing capacity of today’s high performance multi-core DSPs,” said Daniel Hoste, Chief Executive Officer, Tundra Semiconductor.  “This new RapidIO Switch allows customers to both increase their baseband performance and significantly reduce overall system cost,” continued Hoste.

“The Tsi620 RapidIO Switch leverages proven interoperability between Tundra switches and  TI’s wireless infrastructure optimized TMS320TCI6482 and TMS320TCI6487 DSPs,” said Ramesh Kumar, Marketing Director for the Wireless Baseband Group at Texas Instruments.  “TI’s base station customers will benefit from the ability to design cost-efficient baseband cards by leveraging lower cost FPGA and host processors.”

“RapidIO continues to gain momentum in DSP applications where FPGAs are used to significantly increase performance by off-loading computational intensive functions from DSPs,” said Steve Mensor, Senior Director, IP and Technology Product Marketing at Altera. “The Tsi620 allows users to build DSP switch applications with Altera’s latest Cyclone III and Stratix III FPGA products and with Altera’s HardCopy structured ASICs if they are designing for volume.”

“The Tsi620 extends the use of RapidIO endpoint clusters into heterogeneous systems that use FPGAs and PCI-based processors. Tundra’s innovative solution will again expand the RapidIO ecosystem and offers customers an opportunity to take advantage of the features and benefits of RapidIO in cost-sensitive but high performance applications,” said Tom Cox, Executive Director, RapidIO Trade Association. 

Tsi620 Features
• RapidIO Interface:
– Up to three ports in 4x mode
– Up to six ports in 1x mode
– 1.25 Gbaud, 2.5 and 3.125 Gbaud data rate as well as non standard speeds in between
• Non-serial FPGA Interface: Supports RapidIO (layers 2 and 3) at 1 to 10 Gbps data rate
• PCI Interface that operates up to 66 MHz and supports up to four devices
• Low latency with cut-through capability
• Enhanced SerDes for low power solution
• High-performance Multicast Engine
• Low power:
– Leverages Tsi57x technology at 120-200mW per RapidIO port
– Typical power of less than 4 W
• RapidIO Switch software compatible with Tsi57x products
• Packaging:
– 27 x 27 mm, 675-pin PBGA
– Industrial and commercial temperature operating ranges
– Eutectic and RoHS/Green packages

Availability and Design Support Tools
The Tundra Tsi620 will be available in early 2008. Volume pricing for this switch is $99 USD. To order, please contact sales@tundra.com.

About Tundra
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN) supplies the world’s leading communications, computing and storage companies with smart System Interconnect products and design services backed by world-class customer service and technical support. Tundra’s track record of product leadership includes over a decade of bridges and switches enabling key industry standards:  RapidIO®, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express®, PowerPC®, VME, HyperTransport™, Interlaken, and SPI4.2.  Tundra’s products deliver high functional quality and simplified board design and layout, with specific focus on system level signal integrity.  Tundra’s design services division, Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc., offers industry-leading ASIC and FPGA design services, semiconductor intellectual property and product development consulting. Tundra’s smart technology connects critical components in high performance embedded systems around the world.  For more information, please visit www.tundra.com
TUNDRA and the Tundra logo are registered marks of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation in Canada, the European Union and the People’s Republic of China (registration is pending in the United States).   Design.Connect.Go. is a trademark of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation.  Tsi620, Tsi578, Tsi576, Tsi574, Tsi568A, and Tsi564A are trademarks of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation. RapidIO is a trademark of the RapidIO Trade Association, Inc. Other registered and unregistered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Development of the Tsi578™ and Tsi620™ was made possible in part with the assistance of the Technology Partnerships Canada Program.
© Copyright 2007 Tundra Semiconductor Corporation. All rights reserved. Information subject to change without notice.


Contact Information

Tundra Semiconductor

603 March Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 2M5

tele: 613.592.0714
toll-free: 800.267.7231
fax: 613.592.1320

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