A new embedded player is born out of Adeneo Embedded

Adeneo Embedded changes its name and positions itself as a system software integrator to embrace the revolution of the embedded market

Adeneo Embedded, a worldwide recognized expert company in Embedded and Mobile software development, today announced the change of its name to Witekio. This new identity signifies a new market positioning for the company based on the belief that the future success of embedded projects will no longer mainly depend on technical expertise but the ability to optimize the system software integration. A new kind of player is needed in the embedded sector and to undertake this vision Witekio is positioning itself as a system software integrator.

With more than 90 engineers on 3 continents, 15 years of experience, and a deeply technical recognised expertise, Witekio is one of the leaders in complex embedded systems. Thanks to complete OS and software skills and a system level approach, Witekio provides worldwide support, training and engineering services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) who are developing advanced software layer solutions for embedded systems and connected devices.

The embedded market is currently experiencing a number of disruptive forces. It is moving into a world of connectivity and interconnectivity, where the information and the data produced by embedded systems are essential. In parallel, and as a result of the consumerization of the industry, user expectations are increasing in terms of ergonomics, user experience and performance. This complexity significantly impacts the way embedded systems and connected devices are designed and developed, and moves the primary success factor from a main dependency on technical expertise to the optimization of the system integration. This implies the need of a strong know how about architecture design, hardware and software compatibility, interaction testing, IP integration, and a deep multi OS and multi technologies expertise. This creates the need for a new kind a player, the system software integrator.

The switch from Adeneo Embedded, embedded software expert, to Witekio, system software integrator has been prepared over several years. The skillset has been deepened and expanded, tests and proof of concept have been conducted through real complex projects. Witekio is a complete embedded software expert with a system level approach that is able to engineer and integrate intelligent systems software for any device from the hardware to the cloud by providing services for: Low level software development (drivers, firmware, BSP), Middleware customization and optimization (OS, communication, connectivity) and HMI and application development (embedded, cross-platform, etc.).

Witekio also integrates third party IP and technologies for specific usage and markets and develops the connections with the global environment (M2M, cloud, network, etc.). Witekio brings expertise, methodologies and experience, to enable an optimized architecture and overall integration.

“Our new market positioning as system software integrator, supported by our new identity as Witekio, will be the spearhead of our growth strategy and will allow us to be ahead of the curve of the embedded drastic evolution” said Yannick Chammings, CEO at Witekio.

About Witekio

Witekio’s adventure started 15 years ago under the name Adeneo Embedded, as a precursor of complex and connected embedded systems. Witekio is an embedded software expert with a system level approach, engineering and integrating intelligent systems software for any device from the hardware to the cloud. We bring expertise on both low (OS, driver, firmware) and high level software (application, connectivity, cloud) associated with a usage knowledge on specific markets that allows the best choices in technologies and architecture for the best performance and security.

Through our worldwide teams (Europe, USA, Asia), we help our customers, in all stages of development, to enable the success of their embedded systems or smart device projects and maximize their efficiency.

Further information

For more information about Witekio competences, products and services:
Visit Witekio web site: www.witekio.com
Discover our corporate video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88LYMvS3_8I and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1e9HOZJaqg
Or ask us for our new corporate presentation

Adeneo Press Contacts

Valerie Cote, Executive Assistant, Witekio (EMEA) Phone +33 426-492-539, E-mail vcote@witekio.com

Kathleen Wright, Office Manager, Witekio (USA) Phone +1 (425) 749-4335, E-mail kwright@witekio.com

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