Windows® XP Embedded

Supported Architectures: x86

With Windows XP Embedded you have the power of a componentized
form of Windows XP Professional. Windows XPe is designed to help you reduce development time and costs due to its compatibility with commodity PC hardware, applications, drivers, and services; in addition to familiar development tools like Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005.

Windows XPe Embedded Enabling Features

Windows XP Embedded includes many specific embedded enabling features that help optimize the operating system for embedded devices:

  • Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) to protect Disc Volumes
  • Remote Boot Service to Boot and Configure Devices Over a Network
  • Hibernate Once/Resume Many (HORM) for “Instant On” Experience
  • System Cloning Tool Streamlines Manufacturing Process
  • Device Update Agent (DUA) to Service a Run-Time Image Remotely


  • Componentized version of Microsoft Windows XP Professional: Real-time performance (with third-party add-ins)
  • Scalable footprint: 12,000 components available, 40 MB at smallest
  • X86 processor architecture: Supports multicore processors

Feature Pack 2007

  • Smaller Footprint: Re-factored Windows Internet Explorer®6, increased componentization and component
    size reduction, reduced interdependencies
  • New Embedded Enabling Features: USB 2.0 boot, File Based Write Filter (FBWF)
  • More compatibility with Microsoft® Desktop and Server Technologies
  • Enhanced Windows Embedded Studio® Tools


Retail POS, ATM, Advanced STB, LOB Thin Clients, Test and Measurements, Kiosk, Home Media Gateway, Medical


Windows® XP Embedded

  • Componentized version of Microsoft Windows XP Professional: Choose drivers, services, and applications
    to include in your final embedded operating system image to help reduce OS size.
  • Pre-existing design templates: Focus development resources on differentiating your product
  • Windows XP Professional Win32 APIs: Use standard hardware and run standard off-the-shelf Win32 applications, drivers, or services with little or no porting required
  • Robust serviceability and manageability: Provide enterprise-class manageability, and customer-level device protection with security updates
  • Windows XP Professional security features, including built-in firewalls: Easily integrate robust security features into your device
  • Familiar application development tools: Over 6
    million developers
  • Integrated board support: Reduce development time
  • IP Indemnification: Help reduce litigation risk for device makers, Uncapped monetary intellectual property indemnification by Microsoft

Windows® XP Embedded Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2007

  • Footprint reduction: Helps achieve a more optimal embedded image by using only the components necessary and reduce BOM costs
  • More embedded enabling features: Extends the underlying functionality and optimizes the performance,
    improved servicing and diagnostics, and the ability to selectively protect individual files and folders
  • Support for .NET Framework V2.0 and SQL Express, plus a new command line scripting tool: Increase productivity and reduce time-to-market
  • Continued improvements of Integration with Microsoft desktop and server technologies: Enhance the ability to innovate and create differentiated devices for a broad range of device categories with a rapid time-to-market and reduced development costs


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tele: 425.882.8080
fax: 425.936.7329

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